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Securely connect your IoT ecosystem to the cloud, automate data ingestion, and improve decision-making.

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Google IoT Core Alternatives

Because One Size Does Not Fit All

The SoftServe experts that built IoT EnCore understand that air conditioners, heart monitors, fridges, and vehicles require vastly different IoT connections and data exchanges.

What makes IoT EnCore unique?

1. It’s built for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) enterprise architectures.

The IoT Encore API is compatible with Google Cloud IoT Core, using GCP-native components, but without dependencies on IoT Core. It can be deployed and migrated into your GCP environments with minimal friction and with the similar scalability options that IoT Core already offers.

2. You get GCP Premier Partner service and attention.

SoftServe is a GCP Premier Partner and one of only three partners specializing in IoT. You get premier migration, integration, customization, and 24/7 support, at an enterprise scale, from an experienced GCP partner.

3. It uses the recommended VerneMQ MQTT broker but can be modified to support others.

VerneMQ is a high-performance, enterprise market-leading open-source MQTT broker. It’s MQTT 5.0 compliant, supports QoS 1 and 2, and can support over one million connected devices.  

*Can support other  MQTT brokers, such as MosQuiTTo, HiveMQ, or EMQX.

Iot Encore

Designed with what you need to know to help you manage and react to crucial device lifecycle events

  • Device online/offline event notifications
  • A notifications stream for message-based events
  • Rich device querying functionality

When connecting complicated ecosystems of devices to the cloud, it's essential to get these three elements right.
Hardware Prototyping

Hardware Prototyping

Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent Analytics

Personalized Application

Personalized Application

Your own IoT broker hosted on your organization's infrastructure

SoftServe combines the required components and expertise together in a single solution, driving business KPIs and creating a clear path to success.

IoT EnCore has the very best integration options. You can:

IoT EnCore has the very best integration options. You can:

  • Use any database for device information. 
  • Stream to Pub/Sub for event delivery by default and directly into other messaging services of your choice, such as Kafka or Telegraf.
  • Sideload information from other services to enrich data before streaming it any further.
  • Rely on architectural compatibility with other popular third-party enterprise solutions, like KeyFactor, Mender, or Hawkbit.
IoT EnCore also comes with a wealth of customization options, such as:

IoT EnCore also comes with a wealth of customization options, such as:

  • Manual deployment or following best practice for Infrastructure as code (IaC), deploying automatically with Terraform and Helm.
  • Lots of possibilities to extend its existing IoT Core compatibility, such as a customizable API layer.
  • Flexible authentication and integration options on the device layer means you can connect the devices you want, the way you need.

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IoT EnCore—SoftServe’s solution accelerator to:

Securely connect your IoT ecosystem to the cloud

Securely connect your IoT ecosystem to the cloud

Automate data ingestion

Automate data ingestion

Improve decision-making

Improve decision-making

Simplify Control Over Your Business Management Lifecycle.

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