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SoftServe services powered by NVidia Jetson

Trust your project to a team that can help you take the Jetson platform to the next level.

The NVIDIA Jetson platform provides a powerful and flexible solution for developers looking to build AI-powered edge devices that require high-performance computing capabilities. The platform is particularly well-suited for robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, visual inspection, and other intelligent edge devices requiring real-time data processing and analysis.

SoftServe not only develops AI solutions — we create end-to-end platforms that solve problems using computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Our high-tech projects include computer vision at the edge for monitoring everything from oil wells to crops, retail threat prevention, food manufacturing and car production line problems.

The SoftServe Difference

Our team is comprised of high-caliber data scientists, robotics engineers, integration systems specialists, IoT engineers, embedded developers, machine perception experts, and NVIDIA product specialists.

We can advise from concept to design, help you select the right hardware, develop the right software, create custom algorithms — everything you need for a successful project.

SoftServe is a proven leader in delivering Edge AI solutions of the highest caliber.

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Specialized Expertise

  • End-to-end computer vision solutions
  • Expertise across the NVIDIA Jetson technology stack
  • Developing custom algorithms and models
  • Research and Development of next generation technologies
SoftServe has expertise and experience with all the tools and applications within the NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem and seasoned experience building production edge computing and AI solutions
NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem

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