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Is your organization prepared to maximize the benefits of Pega? Take our assessment and uncover insights into your Pega modernization status. Whether considering upgrades, cloud migration, or enhancing user experiences, our assessment provides invaluable guidance. It empowers you to make strategic decisions confidently and understand the ROI potential of your Pega investment.

Where are you in your modernization journey?

You know that modernization is key to enhancing customer experiences and taking advantage of the benefits of tech advancements. Now, it's time to develop the strategy and execute the plan. Learn what stage of the modernization journey your company is at and start your modernization process.
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Connect your data to drive outcomes

Entirely on-prem infrastructure

Do you have fragmented applications, no intercommunication, or data silos?

Hybrid or on-prem, planning initial stages of modernization

Do you have deployment challenges, data integration issues, or inconsistent data quality?

Pega customer, but with challenges

You're willing to innovate with technology, but do you know how AI automation can differentiate you between your competitors?
No matter where you are on your journey, our comprehensive resources provide guidance on upgrading to the newest version and seamlessly transitioning to the cloud. You'll be equipped to enhance performance, streamline operations, and drive innovation in your business.


Benefits of upgrading to Pega infinity ‘23

Innovation acceleration

Accelerate application development and increase productivity by intelligently routing work to help developers achieve their outcomes faster.

Unified experiences

Improve customer engagement with better personalization, speed, and transparency.

Optimize customer service and agent experiences

Connect Pega Customer Service with any design system effortlessly. This means smoother customer experiences across all platforms. Make agents more effective and reduce training time. Organize tasks better by connecting Pega Customer Service with other systems. This helps agents see and handle work from all Pega apps in one place.

Benefits of migrating to Pega cloud

Scalability enhancement

Pega Cloud facilitates seamless scalability to accommodate fluctuations in business demands, allowing for effortless adjustments in resource allocation.

Infrastructure management simplification

With Pega Cloud handling infrastructure management, companies can focus primarily on application development and enhancing user experience, alleviating the burden of infrastructure maintenance.

Management and cost reduction

Migrating to the cloud leads to reduced overhead costs and management overhead. Companies can avoid the need to hire more cloud resources and instead run more efficiently with smaller, agile teams.

Pega assessment:
a modernization case study

Our client, a financial services company, faced the challenge of modernizing their systems from the soon-to-be-unsupported Pega 7.4. We did a four-week assessment and developed a plan for getting things up to date. Key findings revealed many outdated elements that needed upgrades.
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Our Pega services

  • 01Cloud Migration
    As more businesses recognize the advantages of cloud computing, moving Pega applications to the cloud has become a strategic choice for those seeking agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Cloud strategy, migration, and operationalization are core skills at SoftServe.
  • 02CX
  • 03Pega Delivery
  • 04Upgrade

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