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Enhance Software Development with Big Data Analytics

Leverage big data to create more impactful products.


The Real Price of The Drug Supply Chain

Pharma must respond to drug shortages with advanced technology.


Five Ways AI Is Improving The Banking Experience

Discover key benefits of AI technologies in banking.


Revolutionize Banking with AI

Technology empowers banks to make smarter decisions.


On The VeRge of The Retail Transformation

Break out of retail’s box to deliver exceptional real-life immersive experiences.

Case Study

Product Team Management Roadmap for Travel Industry Catering and Retail Leader

Our client needed guidance in managing product teams and creating strategic product roadmaps to achieve common business goals.

Case Study

Performance Testing for Leading Smart Home Technology Provider

Our client approached SoftServe with a request to develop a performance testing framework that could easily be expanded for future performance testing initiatives.


AR in Retail: The Future Is Now

Reinventing the customer experience in retail—faster.


Crowdsourcing: A Path to Talent Optimization

Leverage outside talent and ideas to improve and expedite business ramp up.

Case Study

Digital Survey for a Leading Smart Home Technology Provider

To reduce the required human interaction and provide a consistent customer experience, our client sought to implement a digital survey solution.

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