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Gamification Market Value: Healthcare and Beyond

What’s gamification’s value in healthcare, and the global marketplace?

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Why You Need a Data Value Strategy 

Identify your most valuable data, where to find it, and how to mine and monetize it.   


Today’s Brands Need Fanatics, Not Loyalists

Grow your most loyal customers into brand fanatics.

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AI + ML in Retail: Best Practices

Looking to implement AI and ML into your retail business? Discover best practices and avoid common missteps.

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Get in the Game: Gamification in Healthcare

Lower costs, increase engagement, and improve population health.

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Why Today’s Brands Need Fanatics Not Loyalists

Drive brand growth + deeper fan relationships with the right technology.


DLT: The Problem with Scale

How much does scalability cost in the world of DLT?


Personalization Is Powered by AI

Personalization powered by big data, AI, and ML.

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Earn Fan Loyalty with Personalization 2.0

If it’s not personal, there is no business.


Tustan AR, an Augmented Reality App

The first augmented reality app that recreates a 3D model of a wooden medieval Ukrainian castle in its former glory in the rocky hillside.

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