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Retail Value: Using AI for Competitive Advantage

Artificial intelligence fuels personalization—how will you use it in your business?


Healthcare’s Future is “In the Air”

Tomorrow’s healthcare requires migration to the cloud today.

Case Study

Google Oil and Gas Machine Learning Solutions

SoftServe developed a platform for Google Oil & Gas that could process different types of input files, extract meaning, and provide advanced analytic capabilities for particular geodesic problems.


O.C.E.A.N.-Based Marketing: The Evolution of Personalization

Personality-driven marketing is the next level of personalization optimization.

White Paper

The Enterprise Digital Journey

In today’s intensely competitive global landscape, companies should plan for a continuous Digital Journey.


Healthcare: Take Care in Assessing the Value of Connected Devices

Leveraging healthcare data yielded from IoT devices is key. Go beyond steps, heart rate, and more, with the right provider for today’s digital economy.


Financial Services Security: The Cost of a Breach

Take a look at the cost of a breach in your financial services business.


Is Data Value Strategy Driving Your Game Plan?

How data value strategy empowers companies to remain competitive in today's marketplace.

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Why Legacy Financial Services Should Embrace FinTech

How collaboration (not competition) can futureproof success in financial services.

White Paper

From DevOps to DataOps

The most important thing about working with data is knowing the right questions to ask.

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