Benefits of Improved Operational Efficiency

  • 01
    Reduced operational costs and increased profitability

    Optimizing operational processes allows companies to do “more with less”, positively impacting bottom line profits.

  • 02
    Improved customer and employee experience

  • 03
    Supporting growth and scale

Industry Specific Improvements

  • Retail

    • Business process and workforce load optimization
    • In-store, warehouse, and office manual process automation
    • Merchandising and shelf replenishment efficiency
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  • Supply Chain

    • Warehouse productivity optimization
    • Order time improvement and out-of-stock optimization
    • Planning data accuracy increase
  • Manufacturing

    • Reduction in process throughput time
    • Equipment effectiveness improvement
    • Manual rework reduction
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  • Finance

    • Simplifying operations
    • Elimination of manual, repetitive work
    • KYC compliance
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Our Approach

SoftServe approaches efficiency as a holistic process involving people and technology. Our advisory framework, deep industry expertise, and proven record of technological implementations accelerate your digital operations journey, resulting in measurable business outcomes.

Operational Efficiency Advisory

An analytical and advisory service that assesses your enterprise operations and ecosystem processes.

We base our assessment on internal operating models and benchmark them against industry practices to define a transformation program roadmap. The program suggests a prioritized list of optimization initiatives, supplemented with business cases and technical feasibility studies.

Process Optimization

This service focuses on a single end-to-end process, rethinking and redesigning how end-user value is created. A cross-functional team analyzes existing operations, identifies inefficiencies, and creates a new process blueprint relying on industry best practices and modern technologies. The new approach is piloted and validated in a low-risk setup before full-scale implementation. Then, it applies full-scale implementation, including change management, training, and integration with existing infrastructure.

Operational Process Digitalization

Efficient processes are underpinned by digital technologies that eliminate repetitive work and provide actionable process insights.

We help you decide and implement a technological solution to digitize business processes and ensure organization-wide adoption. Our digital operations improvement implementations are accompanied by expertise in:

  • Process mining
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Low code automation techniques
  • Robotic Process Automation

Success Stories

  • A leading sugar manufactor with up to €1B in revenue

    50% process cost reduction due to automation

  • A leading retailer in Middle East with nearly $9B in revenue

    2–3% revenue growth and 1.5-2% Net Margin growth after implementing ML-based solution

  • A global restaurant chain with up to $4B in revenue

    Improved 500 business processes, identified "quick wins" and prepared a solutions roadmap

  • The global non-profit membership organization with more than 1 million people

    Decrease number of “hand-shakes” for digital product delivery from 9 to 2

  • A leading smart home provider with revenue of $1B

    30% increased customer support process efficiency

  • An international energy company with estimated $46B in revenue

    Reduced human error, optimized oil production process as well as energy consumption through automation