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SoftServe leverages deep industry expertise, coupled with integrated advanced technologies, to deliver tailored business solutions. Discover how data analytics, AI, IoT, digital twins, robotics, and cloud technologies can help you solve complex manufacturing challenges, across product design, the factory floor, supply chain, and field services.


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Global Study: The State Of Manufacturing Analytics

We did a global survey of 400+ manufacturers worldwide. The results were surprising.
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Our Expertise

  • 01Innovation And Digital Strategy

    Innovation starts with a plan.

    Leverage the experience and knowledge we’ve gained from working with organizations across the globe to reinvent and reimagine product design, production, and supply chain processes.

    Here’s how:

    • Digital maturity assessment: Our team partners with your business subject matter experts to evaluate your current digital maturity level and identify gaps and improvements that will move your organization higher up the maturity scale.
    • Digital strategy roadmap: We document the results from the discovery process and thoughtfully design a data and technology strategy roadmap, prioritizing each step based on its potential business impact.
    • Initial proof of concept (PoC): We recommend starting with a PoC for a high-priority project that benefits your business outcomes. Typically, a project will stand out as “the project” after the road mapping exercise.
  • 02Product Design And Development
  • 03Production
  • 04Supply Chain
  • 05Reverse Logistics And Field Services
  • 06Sustainability And ESG

Core Manufacturing Capabilities


    Leverage advanced analytics to gain real intelligence on your production processes to improve operations, drive higher performance, and guide continuous improvement through predictive OEE and optimal asset configurations.

    Optimize energy consumption, manage energy costs efficiently, model energy sourcing and analysis, and simulate "what-if" scenarios for green energy.

    Improve supply chain effectiveness with demand forecasting, control tower visibility, digital twins, and warehouse management.

    Optimize product design to reduce material use and waste, reduce energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency on the production floor, and reach sustainability goals by lowering emissions and waste.

    Develop products virtually and simulate performance before building the physical product (digital twin), and gather information about the products, their users, and their environment (IoT).

    Provide expert support remotely with real-time video, media files, and document sharing. Replace paper-based instructions with interactive checklists and enable hands-free operations with smart glasses and voice commands.

Advanced Manufacturing In Action

Core Practices

  • 01Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

    We implement tailored IIoT solutions with comprehensive data collection mechanisms, leveraging both edge and cloud computing. SoftServe consultants rely on cutting-edge architecture design methodologies when selecting the most appropriate architectural patterns, tactics, and technologies.

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  • 02Big Data
  • 03AI & ML
  • 04Generative AI
  • 05Extended Reality
  • 06Robotics
  • 07R&D
  • 08Cloud
  • 09Platforms
  • 10Experience Design
  • 11Cybersecurity
  • 12Digital Twins

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