Quantum Computing From Сoncept to Integration

Quantum computing can be confusing and susceptible to hype. SoftServe makes it realistic and clear. Find speed, efficiency, improved accuracy, optimize your processes, save time and cut costs with quantum computing.


We support each step of quantum innovation — from idea generation, value chain discovery, and delivery to integration into existing infrastructure. Allow your business to get the most value out of this exciting technology.

Our Service Offerings

R&D as a Service

Build your innovation roadmap, perform feasibility research, and validate use cases.

Hardware Evaluation

Benchmark the performance of quantum computing hardware to ensure it meets your requirements.

Fundamental and Algorithms Research

Engage in research to overcome your quantum challenges and create efficient quantum algorithms.

Consulting and Workshops

Learn more about quantum computing and how to efficiently integrate it into your operations.


How We Work

icon imageStrategy

Figure out the most valuable use cases.

  • Participate in a workshop session
  • Get the documented architecture vision
  • Obtain a mathematical representation of your challenge along with its complexity assessment
  • Investigate the existing approach

icon imageFeasibility Analysis

Assess the quantum advantage compared to classical solutions.

  • Benchmark the quantum approach against the classical solution
  • Evaluate your hardware
  • Obtain your proof of concept (PoC)
  • Get your feasibility report
  • Define a pilot problem and create a plan

icon imageAdoption

Integrate the quantum solution into your processes.

  • Create your developmental roadmap
  • Execute and deliver changes, from change management to oversight
  • Obtain your quantum solution




As an APN Premier Services Partner, SoftServe operates as both a trusted cloud guide and quantum computing R&DaaS provider. We reduce the time needed to translate quantum advantages into practical reality through cloud-based solutions. SoftServe ensures that your quantum initiatives unlock the full potential of Amazon Braket. We help the seamless integration of quantum hardware and diverse quantum simulators into your existing research pipelines, adhering to AWS well-architected best practices. The result is a streamlined, efficient, and transformative quantum computing experience.



As an NVIDIA Service Delivery Partner, SoftServe leverages NVIDIA's innovative technologies, such as CUDA Quantum for integrating QPUs, GPUs, and CPUs. We use these innovations to design solutions that are primed for a hybrid quantum-classical future, harnessing the power of both quantum and classical computing for groundbreaking advancements. By using NVIDIA's cuQuantum for GPU-accelerated quantum simulation, we streamline the development of Mathematical Optimization and Quantum Machine learning applications.

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    Quantum computing empowers businesses to efficiently solve complex problems that were previously beyond reach.

    SoftServe’s end-to-end quantum strategy ensures enhanced efficiency, precise solutions, and significant cost reductions, making quantum innovation readily accessible.


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