Use cases

  • 01
    Robotics arm

    Use robotic arm to reduce human errors and increase production uptime by automating order packaging and fulfillment, carrying or handling various objects. 

    Robotic arms can be used for human fractures rehabilitation by providing a guided physical therapy assistance ensuring patient’s fast recovery to optimum functions.

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    Mobile robots

  • 03

  • 04
    Multi-robot systems and swarms

  • 05
    Health rehabilitation robots

  • 06
    Customer service robots

  • 07
    Agricultural robots


Robotics solves problems in…

  • Retail

    Robotics has vast applications in manufacturing using robotics arm, optimizing warehouse logistics and space usage, inventory tracking or packaging items, or providing on-premises navigation.
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  • Healthcare

    Robotics technologies help nurses during patient's rehabilitation, handle test tubes for medical tests, and transport blood, medicine, and other supplies to hospitals.
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  • Energy, Oil & Gas

    Robotics performs more accurate inspections, corrosion detections, enhances operational efficiency, and more.
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  • Financial Services

    Robotics is disrupting the financial services industry by introducing improved, in line customer service, entertaining customers in lobbies, and drone asset inspection by insurance companies.
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