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innovation with a sustainable infrastructure

Take a DevOps approach to get around those roadblocks that always seem to slow down progress during development projects. DevOps integrates development, quality engineering and operations to speed software releases and help ensure app reliability.



next-gen devops & cloud expertise

practical experience with over

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devops tools



certifications from aws

our devops & cloud services

infrastructure automation and orchestration

Reduce bootstrap time for new projects: Automated provisioning enabling Ops teams to spin up new development environments fast.

delivery pipeline

Get better visibility into project progress with software that’s built and deployed in stages, plus fully automated deployment.

configuration management

Enjoy simplified system configuration across diverse development and production environments thanks to visible, traceable configuration changes. 

continuous integration

See more clearly into the current state of the overall development process, with every change integrated into the project as soon as possible.

automated monitoring and alerting

Rely on the latest availability and performance monitoring technologies to reduce the Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) failures.


Reduce operation costs with help from ChatOps which connects people, bots, and tools, making information readily available and creates an easier workflow.

culture of collaboration

There’s no stopping application development when project stakeholders in management, development, operations and quality collaborate in a DevOps environment. Watch development cycles shrink, and see new apps deployed faster than ever before.

Legacy systems often can’t offer the flexibility and scalability needed to support rapid digital innovation. DevOps introduces a collaborative approach to development, combining agile thinking, automation and advanced tools to help disparate groups work together flexibly.

The result is a dramatically faster development cycle that makes it possible to deploy changes incrementally – so everything happens much more quickly and with far less risk. And SoftServe’s experienced DevOps team makes it easy to adopt this new approach and take advantage of the flexibility of the cloud.

cloud capable


cross-discipline experience

We offer operations and infrastructure management expertise in cloud, big data, security and the Internet of Things. 


advanced cloudops tools

SoftServe’s team has practical experience with advanced tools like Chef, Docker, Puppet, Ansible, Mesos, Terraform, OpenStack and more. 


certified experts

Our team includes certified experts in Amazon Web Services (AWS).


next-gen expertise

CloudOps expertise extends across containers, microservices and serverless architectures. 


cloud presence

Our experts have operation management experience in projects representing every type of cloud environment – public, private and hybrid.


secure and compliant

Our experienced team can build HIPAA or PCI DSS-compliant infrastructure and lead you through the certification process to ensure consistant security.

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