2023 has been an exciting year for AWS and SoftServe!

Over the last 11 months, we've been able to deepen our AWS knowledge. This has led to new AWS Marketplace offerings, earning two new Competency certifications, collaborating on the launch of re/Start in Chile, and being a launch partner for FTR and Amazon GuardDuty EKS Protection.

With so much exciting news crammed into a single year, you may have missed some of the announcements. Here’s a quick recap as we close out 2023:

SoftServe launches new AWS Marketplace offerings

GenerativeAI Readiness Assessment and Proof of Concept

We introduce our Generative AI offering available on AWS Marketplace!


What it is:

  • This offering is designed to help software companies and enterprises alike find the best opportunities in Gen AI for their business, identify and manage associated risks, and conclude with a POC as a foundation for ongoing Gen AI strategy.

SoftServe’s approach:

  • Identify and assess solution and feature concepts utilizing Gen AI technology unique to your business
  • Build and demonstrate a Proof of Concept of the most promising of the concepts explored
  • Assess your organization’s readiness to effectively pursue Gen AI technology and prepare a roadmap of where to go next

Expected outcomes:

  • An executive assessment report
  • Functional prototype (PoC)
  • Recommended Gen AI strategy roadmap

SoftServe's AWS Machine Learning LiftOff

This year, we launched our Machine Learning (ML) LiftOff offering on the AWS Marketplace.

Machine Learning

What it is:

  • A comprehensive solution for addressing the organizational challenges of deploying and managing ML on AWS.

SoftServe’s approach:

  • Includes providing templates, reference architectures, and seamless integration with AWS Cloud services like SageMaker.
  • Our team leverages AWS Cloud's specialized AI/ML products to:
    • Ensure fast and reliable delivery and adoption of AI/ML models.
    • Customize migration strategies.
    • Deliver CI/CD infrastructure for seamless deployment.

Expected outcomes:

  • Optimized performance and reduced costs by transitioning from on-premises to cloud-based environments.
  • Teams that are empowered to improve collaboration, efficiency, and reliability in your ML workflows.
  • Leads to successful deployments, faster time-to-value, and delivering more personalized and targeted customer experiences.

SoftServe's Application Modernization Platform (SAMP)

SoftServe's other recent AWS Marketplace launch was our Application Modernization Platform, known as SAMP. This platform automatically designed for running modern applications also expedites your company's application modernization process.


What it is:

  • SAMP is a repeatable framework built on AWS technology that offers standardized and customizable self-service solutions.

SoftServe’s approach:

  • Combining the SAMP accelerator with the expertise of our Center of Excellence team means organizations can swiftly establish an in-house shared services platform.

Expected outcomes:

  • Accelerates application modernization by deploying essential components on AWS, ensuring cost-efficiency and sustainability while adhering to security standards.
  • Thanks to its modular nature, SAMP can seamlessly integrate with third-party solutions and streamline existing CI/CD pipelines, significantly reducing application onboarding time.
  • You'll improve your ROI by shortening time-to-market for new services, boosting developer velocity, standardizing application development processes, and promoting innovation cost-effectively.


Manufacturing and Industrial Services Competency


Over the summer, SoftServe achieved the AWS Manufacturing and Industrial Competency. This recognition stemmed from our expertise in providing professional services and software solutions for an end-to-end industrial manufacturing software toolchain.

The solutions we've developed for manufacturing and industrial use include deploying digital twins, advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, robotics, 3D scanning, and more. Click here to learn more about what SoftServe can offer this industry.

Security Competency

Security Competency

AWS relaunched its Security Competency last year to consolidate categories and the SoftServe team was excited to earn this recognition. We achieved this due to our comprehensive security offerings covering Core Security, Compliance and Privacy, Application Security, and Identity and Access Management.

SoftServe understands that security solutions must align with a company’s specific workloads and use cases while remaining adaptable to evolving global security standards. It’s why our solutions and services are prepared for AWS Audit Manager, AWS Landing Zone, and client security implementation along with industry-specific cloud security specialists on hand if needed. We proudly hold the AWS Security BlackBelt Badge and offer EKS Security Assessment to further bolster cloud security efforts. Dive deeper into our security expertise here.


In August of this year, SoftServe Chile and AWS kicked off a 12-week cloud computing skills and job training program as part of AWS re/Start.

Designed for unemployed or underemployed individuals with or without prior IT experience, this program prepares future leaders for careers in the cloud industry. The course offers real-world scenarios and hands-on labs, and graduates will receive their AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. It also facilitates job connections and addresses the growing demand for cloud-savvy workers. SoftServe Poland and AWS have also teamed up to introduce additional cohorts of a similar program in Poland.


Amazon GuardDuty EKS Protection

Amazon GuardDuty EKS Protection

With an approach that aids businesses in maintaining a rapid development trajectory and catalyzing digital evolution, SoftServe was recently designated as a launch partner for Amazon’s GuardDuty EKS Protection.

SoftServe boasts a wealth of expertise in crafting and executing EKS security strategies tailored to enterprises of varied scales and sectors. Our EKS Security Assessment is versatile, with a focus on enterprises who want to enhance their current EKS security postures or those transitioning from monolithic systems and seeking a comprehensive new EKS security framework.

AWS Foundational Technical Review for Service Offerings

Technical Review for Service Offerings

In a world of rising costs and increasing expectations, companies face the challenge of optimizing their infrastructure while justifying investments with clear ROI. Choosing the right partner for modernization is critical, so to address this, AWS extended its AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) to partner services.

Based on our status as a Premier Services Partner with extensive AWS experience, SoftServe was selected as the first pilot partner for FTR for service offerings. Our SAMP offering was the first service we had validated, and we were excited to showcase its many benefits.

To date, less than 20 worldwide AWS partners have had their service offerings validated through FTR. You can read more about the validation process and why SAMP was chosen here.


Throughout the last year, SoftServe and AWS have achieved remarkable milestones together. Whether developing solutions for the manufacturing and industrial services industry or ensuring your workloads are secure, as a non-reseller and agnostic service provider, our goal is to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from your AWS investments.

Between introducing new AWS Marketplace offerings like ML LiftOff and SAMP, earning two new AWS competencies, and being a launch partner for both AWS Bedrock and AWS FTR for Partner Services, we’ve been busy making that happen.

But we’re equally proud of our work with AWS re/Start to roll out the cloud computing skills and job training program cohorts in Chile and Poland. We place significant weight on continuous growth and training, and that’s why we strive to help individuals prepare for careers in the tech and cloud industries.

With so many exciting accomplishments in 2023, we can’t wait to see what 2024 holds for SoftServe and AWS!