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by Borys Omelayenko, CIPP/E Sep 21, 2018

Privacy and Machine Learning: A Happy Marriage

For decades, privacy and machine learning lived fairly separate lives. But with GDPR in place, they demand more unity.

by Matt Kollmorgen Sep 17, 2018

How (and why you need) to Identify Personality Traits for Marketing

Elevate personalization beyond demographics, purchase history, and interests.

by Pavlo Mikhaelian Sep 13, 2018

Financial Services Security: Technology vs. Behavior

Financial services is catching up to customer expectations, but speed can disregard important aspects of security

by SoftServe Team Sep 12, 2018

Cloud Connectivity for a Unified Healthcare Portal

Move to the cloud for a portal that scales to the needs of your patients.

by Oleh Mizov Sep 12, 2018

Blockchain in Finance: How Far We’ve Come

Take an in-depth look at how blockchain is transforming financial services

by Pavlo Mikhaelian Aug 30, 2018

Common Misconceptions in Finserv Security

Thinking about implementing a new security posture? Make sure your bases are covered. 

by Serge Haziyev Aug 22, 2018

To Advance or Defend, That Is the Question 

Data value strategy is entirely dependent on the company.

by Serge Haziyev Aug 13, 2018

The Ants go Marching On

How prioritization and collaboration are essential to data value strategy

by Matt Kollmorgen Aug 02, 2018

Nike Just Did It (And Why Your Brand Should, Too)

Personalization in brand experience is more data-driven now than ever.

by Ihor Vasyutyn Jul 31, 2018

The Four Corners of Successful Healthcare Gamification

As gamification extends into other industries, how can healthcare capitalize on its many use cases?

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