By Valentyn KropovFeb 03, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Configuring Kerberos for Cloudera’s Hadoop Distribution (CDH)

Here's a step by step guideline to configure Kerberos in Cloudera’s Hadoop Distribution (CDH).

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By Eugene BorukhovichJan 19, 2016
Healthcare & Life Sciences

Where is the Future of Healthcare ISVs?

EHR, data, mobile: what are the next big healthcare trends ISVs should explor e and invest in?

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By Andriy BenchNov 10, 2015

Easy Ride: Prototyping Biosensors with Arduino

Learn how to build a chip solution and make a feasible biosensor prototype with the Arduino open source platform.

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By Yulia Kryval, Dmytro Svarytsevych, Igor KochetovSep 29, 2015
Experience Design

Need for UX Most Wanted: What Tesla Drivers Were Looking For

Here's how data, Tesla drivers and UX research may speed up innovation in automotive.

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By Ostap ElyashevskyyAug 19, 2015
Quality ManagementSoftware Development

Automated Performance Testing of Desktop Applications

Here’s a detailed guideline to testing the performance of Windows desktop applications.

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By Olesya KrystynyakJun 30, 2015
Experience DesignHealthcare & Life Sciences

Patient First: Communication Flow in Healthcare

Learn how patient centered communication flow contributes to making healthcare more professional and collaborative.

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By Ostap ElyashevskyyApr 24, 2015
Experience Design

Test Automation Framework. Serenity BDD: Getting Started

Looking for the best fitting Test Automation Framework? Give it a try with Serenity BDD.

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By Ostap ElyashevskyyApr 07, 2015
Quality Management

Cloud Based Automation Testing with Selenium WebDriver: How Not to Get Lost

How not to get lost looking for cloud solutions for automation testing with Selenium WebDriver.

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By Olesya KrystynyakMar 30, 2015
Experience DesignHealthcare & Life Sciences

How to Save Lives by Reducing User Interface Errors

Learn how to build medical applications with a user interface that will reduce the number of system malfunctions.

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By Kris KosykJan 15, 2015
Quality Management

Quality Assurance and Control 2015: What's in Trend?

With quality assurance and control being a mounting concern, testers need to start taking more ownership and leadership in business.

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