By Navjot SinghJul 07, 2020
Financial Services

Capitalizing on Cloud for Banks

How banks can beat the cloud ache.

By Jason Rowe, Ostap SorokaJun 26, 2020
Business AnalysisOtherSoftware Development

IT Smarter Kit

Five steps to eliminate waste and free budget for independent IT advancement.

By Taras KurnytskyiJun 22, 2020

Zephyr RTOS: Application Development

Here, we will uncover more details about Zephyr and the application development process.

By Ruslan KusovJun 15, 2020

Overcoming Healthcare’s Compliance Challenges With AWS

Cloud enables healthcare modernization, Part 2 of 2.

By Mary Rose AvilaJun 15, 2020

Breaking Barriers in Healthcare with AWS

Challenges in data consolidation, insight generation, and strategy optimization in healthcare require superior solutions in cloud.

By Ruslan KusovJun 12, 2020

Benefits of AWS Hybrid Cloud Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Cloud enables healthcare modernization, Part 1 of 2.

By Mary Rose AvilaJun 10, 2020

Five Steps to Healthcare Consumer Engagement: From Vision to Reality

Better engagement for members and patients is the goal of many health systems and payers. Understanding how to get there is mission-critical.

By Chuck RosJun 08, 2020

5 Applications of a COVID-19 Triage chatbot Outside of Healthcare

Using healthcare-created technology for other industries to return to the new normal.

By Ian Daniels, John GeraghtyJun 03, 2020

Alleviate COVID-19 disruption with advanced technology

Meeting the needs of health systems and populations for the road ahead.

By Mateusz SkawińskiJun 02, 2020
Data & Analytics

Data Integration in Practice: IPaaS Implementation

Discover the technical aspects of IPaaS implementation for high-level data integration.