By Antonina SkrypnykSep 01, 2017
Innovation Platform

Adopting the Change – Digital Transformation Awareness

When digital transformation means the difference between becoming a market leader or becoming obsolete

By Alex OblovatnyyAug 30, 2017
Software Development

SerDe in Python

A comparison of popular serialization formats.

By Dima IvanovAug 25, 2017
Software Development

Today’s Importance of Multilevel Talent in Software Development

With software design, development, and deployment, it’s more than just technological experience that makes projects successful

By Andrii Omelianenko, Sergii ZabigailoAug 03, 2017
Software Development

Kubernetes + Travis-CI

Despite stiff competition in the tech world, the industry is settling on Kubernetes as the default container orchestration engine.

By Matt KollmorgenAug 02, 2017
Media & Entertainment

TV of Tomorrow: Takeaways and Trends to Watch

Matt Kollmorgen, VP, Digital Transformation comments on the latest tech from the TV of Tomorrow conference in San Francisco.

By Ostap KrystynyakJul 31, 2017
Innovation Platform

Why Management Innovation Matters

Maintain better long-term business relationships and gain entrepreneurial skills with management innovation.

By Vlada KulishJul 27, 2017

The Secure Development Lifecycle: Proactive v. Reactive

Protect assets from compromised software using one of two secure development lifecycles.

By Vlada KulishJul 27, 2017

Multilayered Security Control: Tips & Tricks

Security controls: keep data secure with safeguards that detect, avoid, and minimize risk.

By Igor BeliaievJul 27, 2017
Cloud & DevOps

Containers vs. Virtual Machines

As a leading digital services and software development company, SoftServe delivers proven high quality software development solutions to ISVs and enterprises.

By Antonina SkrypnykJul 24, 2017
Innovation Platform

Digital Transformation – Undergoing a Few Ages of Change

Digital transformation has a lot of different meanings for a lot of different domains and industries.