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Generative AI Delivers the Promise of Digital Avatars for Enterprise

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SoftServe is leveraging the NVIDIA AI platform to deliver bespoke digital avatars backed by customized large language models for hyper-personalized customer experiences.

As the meteoric rise of ChatGPT demonstrates, generative AI can unlock enormous potential for companies, teams, and individuals.

Whether simplifying time-consuming tasks or accelerating 3D workflows to boost creativity and productivity, generative AI is already making an impact across industries — and there’s much more to come.

However, these cutting-edge technologies are still in their infancy, and the rate of innovation is beyond anything ever seen before — so how do you keep up and how do you realize the business outcomes? This is where SoftServe can help.

SoftServe is an Elite Service Delivery Partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network, trusted to deliver business outcomes on this ever-evolving technology landscape. Here we will showcase industry-specific digital avatars built with the NVIDIA Omniverse platform for building and operating metaverse applications, Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) for end-to-end avatar development, and NVIDIA large language model services — both avatars and the underlying language models to industry domains and topics.

Avatar Development

Here are some potential use cases for digital avatars as virtual assistants by industry:


Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance
Self-service: covering insurance, mortgage, and debit services, providing relevant information based on user preferences and profiles.

Troubleshooter: handles issues like an operator from a customer support center.

Activity tracking: an avatar that can go through a checklist and ask questions depending on the issue.

Self-check: navigates the user through a list of basic questions in the scope of a health check.

Assistant: can provide additional information during general conversations or right after a conversation with a person.

In addition to enabling intelligent digital agents, generative AI will have a profound impact on all industries. SoftServe is an ideal partner for business leaders who are ready to leverage AI to grow revenues, empower employees, and reduce costs. Let’s talk!

SoftServe has extensive experience working with NVIDIA Omniverse and AI.

Our engineering team worked closely with the NVIDIA team to develop deep expertise in the Omniverse ecosystem and deliver these solutions to clients. As a Service Delivery Partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network, we help clients build solutions to solve their most complex industry problems.

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“SoftServe brings a solid AI track record to the valued network of NVIDIA partners with a long history of expertise in NVIDIA technologies.”

— Craig Weinstein, Vice President, Americas Partner Organization, NVIDIA