By SoftServe TeamNov 16, 2023
Energy, Oil & Gas

5 Ways Technology Can Power the Future of Australia and New Zealand’s Energy Industry

Five ways technology can power Australian and New Zealand energy future.

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By Jonas Tan Yick Wei , Anastasiia Kudryk, Mykhailo OhorodnikovNov 16, 2023
Financial ServicesR&DSecurity

Real-World Capabilities of Quantum Computing: A Showcase in Finance

Unlock the transformative power of quantum computing. Debunk myths and discover your business opportunities.

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By SoftServe TeamNov 15, 2023

SoftServe Enables Talented People to Change the World Through EmpowerU Initiative

SoftServe’s EmpowerU initiative provides IT training and career development across four EMEA and LATAM countries.

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By SoftServe TeamNov 14, 2023
Cloud & DevOpsDigital ProductsIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLOtherSecuritySoftware Development

Betting Big on Blockchain and Digital Currencies: How Technology Can Improve the Way Casinos Do Business

Learn how blockchain enables digital finance solutions that improve security, transparency, and player experience.

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By SoftServe TeamNov 13, 2023
Cloud & DevOpsIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLOperational EfficiencySoftware Development

Grasp the Power of Generative AI: Insights From Executive Client Summit

Discover key insights and strategies from SoftServe's Executive Client Summit on harnessing Gen AI for innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage in the high-tech industry.

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By Mykola Turskyi, Valentyna BashkatovaNov 07, 2023
AWSIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLNvidiaSoftware Development

Introducing a Gen AI-Powered Chat Integration with Jira and Confluence Knowledge Base

Did you know that SoftServe helped create an impressive proof of concept (PoC) that has the potential to significantly improve the Jira and Confluence user experience? Read about it our latest article.

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By Kelly DempskiNov 03, 2023
Digital ProductsFinancial Services

Develop a Roadmap for Generative AI Adoption

Explore the power of Generative AI adoption in banking. Learn how to align technology with your business goals, understand the road ahead, and become a pioneer in financial innovation.

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By Kelly DempskiNov 02, 2023
Digital ProductsFinancial Services

Improve ROI Through Strategic CX Innovation

Harness the power of CX innovation in banking. Streamline processes, reduce pain points, and boost ROI

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By Kelly DempskiNov 02, 2023
Digital ProductsFinancial Services

Investment in Modernization as a Path to Innovation

Drive bank innovation with modernization. Break free from legacy constraints and become a trailblazer in the industry.

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By Betul BaykalOct 11, 2023
Data & AnalyticsManufacturingRetailSupply Chain

Data Bridges for ESG Due Diligence Across the Supply Chain

Explore how data-driven strategies empower companies to ensure ESG conformity across the supply chain.

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