Energy Innovation with Generative AI

Generative AI facilitates re-assessment and re-evaluation of your existing data sets to improve efficiency, forecasting, safety, and sustainability of the energy industry. The adoption and application of Gen AI technologies allows you to better manage and operate existing and future business assets.

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Key Challenges

  • Oil and Gas Production Transformation
  • Gen AI transforms oil and gas production through data analysis, predictive modeling, and optimization, which allows you to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, improve safety, and adapt to the evolving landscape of the oil and gas industry.

  • Technological Advancements and Automation
  • Gen AI facilitates innovation, improves decision-making, and automates processes, which helps you achieve higher levels of efficiency, reduce operational costs, improve safety, and stay competitive in an evolving energy industry.

  • Environmental Management and Sustainability
  • Gen AI provides tools and insights to reduce your environmental impact and footprint and helps you make more informed, sustainable decisions that contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable energy ecosystem.

  • Operational Efficiency and Data Utilization
  • Gen AI addresses operational efficiency and data utilization by providing advanced tools for data integration, data cleaning and preprocessing, data analysis, predictive maintenance, operational analytics, process optimization, and data-driven decision-making.

  • Safety, Health, and Security
  • Gen AI enhances safety, health, and security by analyzing data for anomaly detection, predicting equipment failures, simulating emergency scenarios, and generating insights to prevent accidents and respond effectively to threats.

Business Opportunities

Use Cases
Business Value
Case Simplicity

Knowledge Mining

With Gen AI, process large non-structured data sets of industry reports, technical documents, and research papers to discover critical insights about reservoir performance and equipment conditions.


Data-Driven Well Profile Advisory

Gen AI organizes and optimizes well construction design by using historical data from drilled wells for improved efficiency and safety.


Artificial Lift Recommendation and Troubleshooting

Gen AI accelerates the design and prototyping of artificial lift systems for increased fluid production from existing and future assets that satisfy operational and subsurface constraints.


Staff Onboarding and Training

Gen AI interactively and rapidly conducts onboarding procedures for various job types and roles. And it conveniently examines staff knowledge
and awareness.


Field Operation AI Assistance

Gen AI facilitates and provides real-time AI assistance to field workers, so they can quickly address daily operational challenges. It also ensures adherence to health and safety protocols.


Geological Models Prototyping

Gen AI builds geological models from high-level assumptions, such as deposition environment, faulting system, and diagenesis. This speeds up early stages of reservoir performance evaluation and risk detection.


Seismic Data and Well Log Correlation

Gen AI integrates well logs with seismic data to tie together these data sets and establish correspondence of depth and time scales. It also conducts AI-driven wavelet analysis.


Fracture Characterization

Gen AI provides an understanding of fracture behavior through data analysis from 3D seismic signals during micro seismic events and finding fracture geometries, orientations, and distribution patterns.

Gen AI holds the key to transforming energy operations, addressing challenges like pump troubleshooting, drilling data mining, and methane leak detection. Discover Gen AI applications for energy innovation in the next video


Our Generative AI Offerings

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Interest to Discovery: Generative AI Ecosystem and 
Implications for My Business

  • Use cases and business impact priorities
  • Data quality and availability 
  • Technology trade-offs and architecture 
  • Technical feasibility with POC

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Launchpad to Innovation: Evidence-Based Exploration and Deployment

  • Generative AI lab
  • AI Launchpad Program for rapid experimentation
  • Value stream mapping and use cases
  • POC/POV pipeline

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Insight to Impact: Rapid Scaling and Adoption in My Organization

  • Generative AI Adoption roadmap
  • Technology strategy
  • Data strategy
  • Change management and AI governance
  • Generative AI Solution Development
  • Generative AI in Product and Engineering Teams