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SoftServe helps energy companies innovate at scale through cutting-edge technology such as IoT, AI, ML, AR, and Big Data. In addition, we provide industry leaders with oil and gas consulting and engineering services to ensure production optimization, operational efficiency, effective resource utilization, employee safety, and environmental sustainability.

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SoftServe Achieves Amazon Web Services Energy Competency Status

Oil and gas consulting and engineering services we offer:

  • 01Digital transformation in oil and gas

    SoftServe offers oil and gas consulting services to help our clients understand where they’re on their journey, where they need to be, and what they need to focus on to develop their digital maturity holistically. We offer PoC and rapid prototyping services to provide our clients with confidence in TCO, energy solution feasibility, possible risks, and final benefits. 

    We can help oil and gas companies drive Cloud transformation and build Cloud-native apps or migrate their existing energy software solutions to the Cloud. We follow DevSecOps best practices to protect our clients from cybersecurity risks. Our reliability as a leading oil and gas consulting and engineering firm has allowed us to forge partnerships with the top Cloud market leaders such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. Our experts are well-equipped to provide the best service for our energy clients with any Cloud provider or multi-Cloud approach they choose.

  • 02Digital energy product development

  • 03Driving energy sustainability

  • 04Energy data enablement (intelligence)

  • 05Managing the energy of the future

Energy Capabilities


Intelligent Exploration

Accelerate geological data processing, interpretation, management, and visualization with AI, ML, and VR.


Production Optimization

Transform how your business operates to yield the greatest production of your oil and gas wells.


Asset Integrity

Prevent asset failures and unwanted downtime by taking advantage of SoftServe’s oil and gas consulting and engineering expertise.


Emission Data Management

Benefit from our oil and gas consulting services to monitor emission levels, detect optimization opportunities and improve your long-term ESG impact.

Who we serve:

Who we serve:

Who we serve:

  • Oil and gas companies across upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors
  • Wind and solar energy companies
  • Industry services companies
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Business problems SoftServe helps solve:

  • Moving from manual to automated seismic and well log data processing and interpretation
  • Visualizing geological data to better understand reservoir potential and peculiarities
  • Improving the performance of oil and gas wells to maximize production
  • Preventing failures of oil and gas assets
  • Ensuring effective visual inspection of oilfield facilities
  • Reducing human exposure to hazardous conditions, improving risk management, monitoring emissions
  • Enabling effective document management to maximize operational excellence
  • Expanding oil and gas engineering capabilities to educate the workforce and ensure faster time-to-market

Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry with Digital Innovation

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