SoftServe partners with Aerial Production Services to Elevate AI/ML offerings

New drone tech partner enhances SoftServe’s AI/ML, machine vision services to deliver more effective, advanced solutions for the oil and gas, utilities, and manufacturing industries

AUSTIN, Texas (Dec. 12, 2023)SoftServe, a premier IT consulting and digital services provider, today announced its strategic partnership with Aerial Production Services, Inc. (APS), a drone technology company and service provider, to enhance SoftServe’s AI/ML and machine vision offerings and provide more effective, advanced software solutions to organizations in the oil and gas, utilities, and manufacturing industries. With this partnership, SoftServe will better equip its clients with the resources and support needed for pressing industrial challenges, such as methane emissions and corrosion detection.

“Drone technology is critical to the oil and gas industry as it pursues a decarbonization strategy,” said Hatem Nasr, Ph.D., SoftServe’s Global Director Digital Energy, Oil, and Gas. “As a result, we’re excited to enter this partnership with APS, a true leader in the industry that brings a wide range of drone services essential for accurate emission measurements and asset integrity management, such as corrosion monitoring, right of way, and other solutions.”

Nasr added: “Their expertise extends to industries beyond oil and gas. The combination of APS technology and SoftServe’s deep expertise in all aspects of AI technologies like machine learning, computer vision, and Generative AI will deliver innovative solutions to our clients.”

APS performs drone flights using sensors for infrared imaging, LIDAR, and others. One of its largest areas of business concentration is the oil and gas segment, specifically for asset integrity management and hydrocarbon leak detection.

“We’re excited to announce our strategic partnership with SoftServe, a leader in AI and computer vision,” said David Sotiros, CEO of APS. “By combining our aerial inspection expertise with their cutting-edge technologies, we’re leading the way into a new era of data-driven solutions for the oil and gas sector. Together, we will empower companies to make smarter decisions, optimize resources, and drive industry innovation.”

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About Aerial Production Services, Inc. (Aps)

Aerial Production Services, Inc. is revolutionizing the management of oil and gas operations with the industry's most advanced drone-based inspection service. APS leverages pilots with specialized expertise and proven experience operating state-of-the-art drone equipment outfitted with the most advanced sensor technology on the market. For more information, visit website, LinkedIn, Facebook.

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