Experience Design

For every business issue, there is a need, and where there is a need, there is a human. Experience design employs design-thinking methodology to address human needs to create fundamentally relevant and exceptional solutions. By adopting a human-centered approach to creating meaningful experiences and processes across the enterprise, businesses are realizing higher customer engagement, significant time efficiency improvement, and rapid return on investment.


Before solving problems, companies must first identify what problems exist, and then synthesize data to uncover insights into why they exist. Research uncovers root causes and identifies areas of opportunity to ensure businesses produce value for users. Outputs take the form of insight reports and strategic recommendations. SoftServe distinguishes two areas of research: user research, and experience assessments.

  • Discover new opportunities and validate assumptions.
  • Reduce the risk of creating undesirable solutions.
  • Articulate business goals that may affect features and product deployment strategies.
  • Understand and document user needs.


Design strategy applies design methodology to solving business problems. By approaching opportunities with a design mindset first, companies can more rapidly arrive at innovative solutions to differentiate in-market. Design strategy produces a vision of a solution to be validated with real potential users to prove market viability—what problem is the product solving, what are the business goals, why is a solution needed? SoftServe’s design strategy includes design vision, experience planning, and extended reality (XR) strategy.

  • Find the right problems to solve to reduce risk and focus your efforts on getting innovation done.
  • Reduce downstream design efforts and development costs with a well-defined design strategy.
  • Focus on what really matters to customers.


Design activity focuses on the crafting of products and services and the operations that are required to deliver them seamlessly with development teams. Our team takes ownership of how products and services should function, and what form they should take. We leverage design thinking and a human-centered mindset throughout the design process, always putting the user first, but also ensuring that business value is delivered. Our design capabilities include service design, product design, and DesignOps.

  • Create end-to-end experiences that are functional, relevant and useful to customers, while being sustainable and competitive for the business.
  • Deploy scalable, flexible, well-documented design systems that provide consistent brand and product experiences across all touchpoints.
  • Reduce the friction between design, product, and engineering with proven DesignOps methodologies.

Our expertise

Our experience design practice exists to understand human needs in order to create experiences that are useful, usable, and desirable. We take an empathic, design-thinking approach, focusing on human outcome, to create the level of engagement and satisfaction that can lead to differentiation.

Best-in-Class Service

  • Over 100 design professionals with cross-industry/technology expertise
  • Customer-centered, solution-focused advisors and providers
  • Cross-industry, enterprise-wide experience

Design Thinking at Work

  • Iterative cycles of user research and ideation to maximize solution efficacy
  • Inclusive, integrated teams, including development, technology experts, business stakeholders and end users
  • Design process centered around deep research, strategic planning, workshop facilitation, and more to arrive at transformation human centered solutions
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  • 06Experience Design

    Bringing a service or product to market starts with an understanding of human experience—the customer experience. What gets their attention? What motivates continuous engagement? What inspires loyalty? Success lies in creating desirable, useful—and sustainable—experiences.

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