XR use cases

  • 01
    Real-time data access

    Increase efficiency with real-time data access, documentation, and transmission.
  • 02
    Advanced remote assistance and collaboration

  • 03
    Virtual training and simulation

  • 04
    Better safety

  • 05
    Interactive product showcases

  • 06
    Premium service and experience


XR solves problems in…

  • Energy, Oil & Gas

    XR solves the most complex energy problems by providing smart AR maintenance and inspection, receiving remote, on-site assistance, and real-time data access.
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  • Healthcare

    XR empowers healthcare to provide virtual trainings for doctors, digital assistance during surgeries, improving drug discovery processes, and more.
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  • Financial Services

    XR technologies enable the use of virtual assistance, smart banking, enhanced data visualization, and VR payments.
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  • Retail

    XR fuels the retail industry with personalized shopping engagement through in-store AR assistance, gamification, and digital immersive, in-home experiences.
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  • 01Engineering Services

  • 02Cloud & DevOps

  • 03Big Data & Analytics

  • 04AI & ML

  • 05Generative AI

  • 06Internet of Things

  • 07Experience Design

  • 08Cybersecurity

  • 09Experience Platforms

  • 10Extended Reality

    Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies have moved beyond futuristic entertainment and into business-critical applications. Understand context, monitor physiology, and motivate users to address specific business challenges.
    • 11Research & Development

    • 12Digital Strategy and Innovation

    • 13Accessibility

    • 14Quantum Computing

    • 15ESG and Sustainability Services