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Extended Reality

Extended reality (XR) solution allows rich data to be easily accessible in situational context, creating virtually unlimited opportunities in the market. Future-thinking enterprises are incorporating extended reality into their internal processes as well as product and service delivery. The payoff? Higher customer engagement, significant time efficiency improvement, and dramatic reduction in human error.

Hands-free Data Access

Scrolling. Searching. Switching screens. These actions take time and attention away from what matters—delivering with value and quality. Consider the applications: A workforce performing intricate tasks led by information displayed within line-of-sight. Supervisors remotely monitoring agents live and in-field. Doctors spending more quality time with patients without pausing for manual tasks of taking notes, flipping through history forms, and writing prescriptions.


  • Increase efficiency with real-time data access, documentation, and transmission.
  • Decrease user error through in-view instruction.
  • Reduce travel costs and resolution time with live remote supervision.
  • Improve efficiency and increasing the speed to deliver.


Our XR professionals have the expertise to examine business issues and create innovative solutions to add efficiency and increase productivity to meet critical client needs.

  1. 01Best-in-class Solutions

    • Bespoke cross-industry solutions customized to each business structure
    • Optimal implementation and integration strategies
    • Ideal user flow and UI design

  2. 02Exceed AR/VR Expectations

    • Unity 3D-certified, Unreal Engine-trained research and development (R&D) professionals with experience in delivering the most complex and cutting-edge apps
    • Access to big data, data science, and experience design experts for custom computer vision and machine learning (ML) algorithms

  3. 03Get Innovation Done

    • Proof of Concept (PoC) on chosen devices
    • Delivery on tailored implementation plan
    • Integration into core systems

  1. Engineering Services

    Technology opens new doors to customer intimacy, product innovation, and revenue streams. Yet with all the promise of new technologies and their applications, without proper management, technology is just another source of overhead.

  2. Cloud & DevOps

    Cloud adoption is imperative to remain relevant and competitive. DevOps improves efficiency, reduces development lifecycles, and speeds time to market. Combine these workflows to facilitate a seismic change in the cloud development approach.

  3. Big Data & Analytics

    Big data is the centerpiece for digital business transformation—making customer interaction more impactful and answering critical business questions, highlighting areas for cost efficiency and opportunities for growth. Harness the power of big data.

  4. AI & ML

    Processes and operations are becoming smarter, affording businesses the ability to increase both productivity and efficiency. Artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) make technology smarter and harder working. Operate with higher impact—at scale.

  5. IoT

    The internet of things (IoT) is changing the way the world interacts with itself. Capitalize on IoT by investing in application solutions and connected products that enable disruptive, relevant, and frictionless user engagements.

  6. Experience Design

    Bringing a service or product to market starts with an understanding of human experience—the customer experience. What gets their attention? What motivates continuous engagement? What inspires loyalty? Success lies in creating desirable, useful—and sustainable—experiences.

  7. Cybersecurity

    Digital attacks are increasing in sophistication and it is not enough to simply have a static, reactive, security system in place. Keeping ahead of threats requires proactive monitoring system, business customization, dynamic processes and constant vigilance.

  8. Experience Platforms

    Consumers demand special and consistent attention from brands, in every facet of their life. Leverage experience platforms to understand the needs of customers and nurture each relationship with interactions customized to context and journey stage—at scale.

  9. Extended Reality (XR)

    Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies have moved beyond futuristic entertainment and into business-critical applications. Understand context, monitor physiology, and motivate users to address specific business challenges.