SoftServe Launches Innovation HUB Program in Poland with Amplify Business AI Hackathon

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SoftServe recently launched its Innovation HUB program in Wroclaw, Poland, hosting a Business Innovation Hackathon for its customer Amplify on May 18-21. The hackathon looked at how Amazon's Alexa artificial intelligence (AI) could bring innovative approaches and solutions to Amplify’s educational product, Amplify Reading, as the first of a series of events that will take place as part of SoftServe’s Innovation HUB program.

Amplify your Readings

Amplify has been a pioneer in K-12 education since 2000, leading the way in next-generation curriculum and assessment. Their core and supplemental programs in ELA, math, and science engage all students in rigorous learning and inspire them to think deeply, creatively, and for themselves. Amplify’s assessment products turn data into practical instructional support to help all students build a strong foundation in early reading and math.

SoftServe’s Innovation Hub is a lab for IT experts in various fields to generate innovative solutions to business problems, experiment with interesting ideas, and share knowledge and experience. Our Innovation Hub program includes business innovation hackathons and client ideation workshops to help SoftServe clients embrace new opportunities. Within this program, SoftServe organizes commercial professional community gatherings (workshops, trainings, courses, and meet-ups), which help build a strong community of both internal and external experts and drive innovation through collaboration to solve complex problems for our customers in specific domains

Amplify’s hackathon was organized by SoftServe’s Business Analysis Office (BAO) and brought together internal and external experts in business analysis, product management, software development, quality control, and design. The goal was to embrace AI technology, hack it and determine how it can be utilized to enhance student’s education, specifically reading skills, in terms of technology use and student engagement. SoftServe experts leveraged Alexa to conduct hacking over the course of three days, researching Am plify Reading’s current and potential capabilities to better understand the challenges and opportunities and look for innovative solutions to take their educational products to the next level.

The participating teams generated numerous ideas on how Alexa can be used to supplement Amplify Reading - all posted to SoftServe Innovation Platform. The teams also expanded on their best ideas and prepared short pitches to present to Amplify.

This was a fantastic start to our Innovation HUB program, bringing together people from all different areas of expertise to fuel the innovation that SoftServe is all about. Lots more to come, so stay tuned!