by  Ihor Zhukov

Customize Your Perfect Ride in the Virtual World

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The future is vehicle configuration with virtual assistants in the metaverse

In today's consumer landscape, customization is the expectation, especially when it comes to buying cars. That offers significant upsides for car manufacturers but also poses a series of problems.

First, with such a wide range of upgrades and features, dealerships struggle to have physical examples of all customization options onsite. Meanwhile, interactions with sales personnel are more complicated during online auto sales than in person, preventing consumers from understanding all the possibilities. Some of the most exciting features consist solely of software that enhances user experience, making them difficult to display — onsite or remote.

How do you give your customers access to the full spectrum of features and upgrades — both offline and online?

Provide an immersive and interactive car buying experience for your customers. Leveraging VR/AR technology and advanced AI capabilities, SoftServe built a comprehensive approach to configuring virtual vehicles in the metaverse, with the help of virtual personal assistants.

The solution utilizes NVIDIA Omniverse for real-time rendering and lighting effects, along with high-quality real-time streaming with Magic Leap 2 for enhanced user interactions. Deliver extraordinary real-time lifelike interactions with seamless integrations between the virtual and physical worlds. Get ready for a captivating car configuration and buying experience like never before.

Key features:

Virtual Car Assistant
Realistic Visual Rendering
Multiplayer Functionality

Virtual Car Assistant:

The virtual assistant guides your interactions with the virtual vehicle, providing information on car functionalities and assisting in the configuration process. You can communicate using voice commands or VR/AR controllers for intuitive interactions.


Realistic Visual Rendering:

NVIDIA Omniverse is used for real-time rendering of virtual textures, creating lifelike visuals and leveraging lighting effects for a truly immersive experience. Omniverse leverages advanced rendering technologies to showcase the vehicle's exterior and interior with high fidelity.


Multiplayer Functionality:

The platform incorporates a multiplayer function, allowing users to communicate with a personal assistant within the vehicle, in a showroom, or at a remote location. This feature facilitates collaboration and provides real-time guidance for configuring the perfect vehicle.

User experience:

User Engagement

You put on the Magic Leap 2 or similar VR/AR glasses and are greeted by a virtual car assistant, who explains how to interact with the vehicle and provides controller usage tips. Voice commands can be utilized for seamless interactions.

Virtual Vehicle Exploration

You then view and interact with the virtual car, hovering over various parts to see the titles of available actions. Clicking on the titles or using voice commands allows users to access different vehicle configurations and functionalities.

Real Car Integration

For showrooms or events, augmented reality is used while sitting in a real car. The virtual assistant prompts you while appearing to sit in the passenger seat, enabling a synchronized experience between the physical and virtual vehicles.

Interior Exploration

Once seated, the user can explore the virtual interior of the vehicle, interacting with different elements. Voiceovers accompany titles, providing specific information on each functionality and showcasing videos for certain indicators.

Provide an engaging and interactive experience for configuring virtual vehicles in the metaverse. Leveraging VR/AR technology, advanced AI capabilities, AR personal assistants, and partnerships with industry leaders, SoftServe delivers a unique and comprehensive platform that enhances the customer’s car buying experience.

To recap:

The car configuration platform:

Block1   Block2

Offers a virtual showroom experience for selecting a vehicle and all its configurations, in showrooms, events, or over the internet, facilitating informed purchase decisions.


Is a powerful tool for showcasing vehicles in marketing campaigns, enabling potential customers to engage with virtual cars and experience their features and options.



SoftServe leverages NVIDIA's AI platform, including large language models and the Omniverse platform, to deliver customized digital avatars and industry-specific metaverse applications.


Magic Leap:

Collaboration with Magic Leap enables the integration of their advanced hardware, such as Magic Leap 2 glasses, to enhance the user experience in the virtual vehicle configurator.


AWS, GCP, Azure:

Cloud computing platforms that can provide infrastructure and support for hosting and scaling the solution.