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Game On: 5 Ways Gen AI Benefits the Gaming Industry

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The gaming sector is experiencing unprecedented change and is poised to see some of the biggest benefits from Generative AI. That’s because of gaming’s sheer number of assets — from art and music to sound effects and dialogue — and their use of interactivity and real-time experiences. With Gen AI’s ability to automate production elements and create opportunities across both technical and non-technical departments, embracing its possibilities will lead to greater success.

Gen AI and the Gaming Industry

While there are many ways that the gaming industry could use Gen AI, five main areas could see the biggest benefit.

Chatbots and customer support

Chatbots and customer support

Customer support is one of the first areas that could utilize Gen AI. With Gen-AI-driven chatbots that deliver immediate user support, this approach reserves customer service representatives for more serious cases. The chatbot could also provide users instant answers for common queries or troubleshoot problems at any time of day or night.

By resolving most issues promptly and escalating only more urgent ones, users are happier, and customer service outcomes are improved. Prioritizing queries this way also enables human agents to focus more effectively on complex problems.

Automation and productivity

Automation and productivity

Gaming generates a significant amount of data. Generative AI can quickly provide actionable insights from data analysis, such as creating optimized code suggestions for software developers. It can also leverage natural language processing for tasks such as summarizing documents, answering common questions, and automating customer support.

Testing and quality assurance

Testing and quality assurance

Devising and creating numerous iterations for testing takes significant time and manual effort. Using Gen AI to iterate on current test cases or create new ones accelerates the game development process. It can potentially even pinpoint test cases that developers may have overlooked.

In addition, Gen AI can support identifying and ranking bugs within the game. This streamlines the process of determining which bugs must be fixed first and saves developers from having to search them out themselves. With faster testing and issue resolution, Gen AI helps deliver a better overall gaming experience to players.

Cutting costs while creating more options

Cutting costs

Since Gen AI excels at developing iterations of information provided, it can easily create infinite variations of in-game elements and items faster than humans. Normally, this is a lengthy process as teams design items before editing and optimizing them. If the team later wanted to build upon that, most tools still required human supervision. These tools also don’t learn the game’s nuances or style, so each time the team wanted to add elements, they had to start all over again.

That’s why game development can be so lengthy — and this amount of time is only increased for digital casino-related games. When it comes to online wagers, games of chance, and skill-based digital gaming, developers must also factor in the time it takes to ensure legal and regulatory compliance. Unlike a typical video game, developers of these game styles must follow specific legal requirements or risk being severely fined by regulators.

With Gen AI, developers and designers can create gaming development pipelines that not only iterate but learn and improve themselves over time. Having technology that supports greater regulatory compliance and navigates legal nuances without regular manual intervention will shorten overall game development timelines. Streamlined processes lead to both significant cost savings and faster game release timelines, which in turn create additional revenue growth opportunities.

Marketing content and campaign optimization

Marketing optimization

Even non-technical roles in the gaming industry can benefit. For example, enterprises can use Gen AI-powered customer data and behavioral analysis to help create personalized marketing content. Utilizing personalized emails, tailored product recommendations, and targeted ads will improve customer engagement and conversion rates.

Although Gen AI still struggles to craft compelling long-form content, it can aid in building out initial drafts. Blog posts, social media updates, and video scripts can be more easily outlined before a writer improves them in the next phase. This eases the burden on marketing teams, who can combine these resources with their creativity for a consistent stream of high-quality content.

Regardless of how a gaming enterprise chooses to incorporate Gen AI into its processes, it will still benefit from streamlined efforts. Automating these tasks ultimately increases productivity and leaves more time for innovation and growth.

Knowing Where to Begin Accelerates Your Gen AI Efforts

There's no shortage of consultants and tech companies eager to explain Gen AI as a concept. But few can explain Gen AI in practical terms. Even fewer can help you uncover where to start and how to make Generative AI real for your enterprise.

As with many new technologies, there’s a temptation to jump headfirst into trials and testing. However, this ignores the critical component of considering your specific business needs and requirements. In SoftServe’s 2023 global study, “The Real State of AI/ML in ISVs and Digital Natives,” over half of AI/ML projects were purely experiments. Testing the possibilities without aligning with business requirements can waste countless hours and millions of dollars.

If past behavior is any indication, this path could repeat itself for Gen AI. By failing to consider how and where Gen AI can best disrupt stagnant business models or corporate strategy, digital native companies could fall further behind their competitors.

SoftServe helps clients move from the “what and why” of technological changes into the “where and how” phase.

No matter which areas you seek to improve, SoftServe assessments and workshops are key to accelerating your Gen AI journey. Tailored to your needs, these efforts help you identify relevant use cases for your enterprise and provide a clear path for successful execution.

With our leading partner status with AWS, Google, Microsoft, and NVIDIA, we’re able to select the best foundation based on what your enterprise requires. We bring industry-specific experience and solutions alongside extensive expertise, including advanced Gen AI capabilities. This expertise is backed by multidisciplinary teams of professionals skilled in AI, big data, cloud computing, business analysis, and experience design.


The gaming industry is poised at the forefront of the Generative AI revolution. With the right partner, gaming enterprises can outpace their competition and integrate Gen AI into their planning and testing processes. Understanding how best to embrace and incorporate these tools will be what sets enterprises apart. SoftServe's expertise and tailored solutions will get you there.

Let’s talk about how you can harness the disruptive innovation of Generative AI with the support of experts who understand your unique needs.

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