by  Matt Kollmorgen

How (and why you need) to Identify Personality Traits for Marketing

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There’s no shortage of buzz around personalization and experience in marketing, but far less attention is given to the hyper-personalized approach of personality-based marketing. It’s a known fact that there are no two people exactly alike. Why stop message optimization at demographics, purchase history, or interest retargeting? If five people purchase the same product is it logical to think that each was motivated to do so for exactly the same reason?


Psychologists have identified five primary personality types that all of us fall into in part but tend to lean towards one or two more than the others. If people inevitably tend to gravitate towards those we relate to, it further stands to reason that by identifying personalities and speaking to them, there’s a higher probability of accomplishing what interest-based targeting is intended for.

Identifying the personality trait of a loyal individual can be accomplished a number of ways including:

  • The type of language used in communications
  • Social media profiles
  • Personal email address

What does that mean for your (or your clients’) next campaign or media buy? It’s simply a matter of creating variations of the same message that speak to the different personalities being served. By doing so, personalization and relevance are amplified and the customer experience is improved psychologically—because your messages will be tailored to speak to the person, rather than his or her past b ehavior alone.

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