From the moment Generative AI landed in the public sphere, businesses have been trying to understand its potential. Over $50 billion has been invested in Gen AI globally to date. That’s compared to just $14 billion in the past two years combined — a stunning 270% increase.

Industries across the spectrum are feverishly trying to determine how and where Gen AI can provide them with the most value. We’ve shared the ways that Gen AI can accelerate growth in the gaming industry and why it’s poised to see some of the biggest benefits from this technology.

Yet, some executives are still reluctant to jump headfirst into these unprecedented opportunities. One study even found that 60% of business leaders fear not just the cost, but the lack of clear business use cases for implementing Gen AI.

With the breadth of opportunities to incorporate Gen AI into your business, how can you accurately pinpoint relevant use cases and accelerate its use?

Four ways to make gen ai real for your enterprise

To move beyond the hype, there are four main paths you can follow to make Gen AI real for your enterprise right now.

1. Pay and use

Gen AI 1

This option is optimal if you remain uncertain about Gen AI’s utility or simply aim to swiftly deploy Gen AI applications.

Although providing the lowest level of potential value to your enterprise, it offers the benefit of speed. As this approach involves using third-party applications, your customization options and control are fairly limited. Additionally, integration into your corporate systems or products won't be feasible using this method. For those merely seeking internal process enhancement, this might not be an issue. But if you’re looking for a comprehensive, long-term integration of Gen AI into your enterprise, you should consider other options.

2. Integrate your apps with foundational models

The next level is integrating third-party Gen AI models (not applications) into your own. You’re able to get to market faster when you incorporate these Gen AI models into your applications.

The benefits of this path are that it increases your ability to get products and services in front of your users. However, it isn't a high-value choice for long-term growth.

Gen AI 2

3. Enrich Gen AI models with your data

Gen AI 3

The third path you can take is to customize third-party Gen AI models with your data. You can train the third-party model to be more responsive to your specific business needs using your internal data for analysis.

While using third-party Gen AI models doesn't provide complete customization, training it on your unique data does improve its use versus off-the-shelf models. And since you’re not building the model from scratch, you can train it faster. This choice strikes a balance between speed and customization, though it may not be the optimal choice for long-term success.

4. Train Gen AI models on your data

Finally, you can develop custom Gen AI models trained on your data. Unlike third-party offerings, this allows you to build the models from the ground up and incorporate the tools and customizations your enterprise requires.

When integrated into your applications, you maintain full intellectual property ownership and control. This option offers the highest long-term value for leveraging Gen AI.

Gen AI 4

SoftServe accelerates your gen ai success

Softserve Accelerates Gen AI Success

These pathways are meant to provide clarity as you navigate between what’s possible with Gen AI and what’s merely hype. SoftServe’s experts can help you parse facts from fiction and show you the best ways to use Gen AI to address your enterprise’s unique needs.

What sets us apart is our commitment and experience guiding enterprises through the complexity of emerging technologies, including large language models (LLMs) and Generative AI. We bring industry-specific knowledge across sectors including retail, BFSI, HCLS, industrial operations, and gaming. Our assessments, workshops, and long-term partnerships with AWS, Google, Microsoft, and NVIDIA ensure you're getting the best foundation for your future growth.


Innovation can be daunting for some businesses. Understanding where and how Gen AI fits into your enterprise requires a combination of industry and technical expertise. While businesses have third-party options if they only want to test Gen AI or require minimal customization, many more need a comprehensive assessment. SoftServe makes sure your Gen AI plans enhance your services or products without slowing your teams.

Don’t waste time or money without first identifying the right path to success. Feel confident that you’re not being left behind as competitors adapt to the evolving technical landscape. Let’s talk if you’re ready to discover how SoftServe’s experts can help you pick the best path for your Gen AI.

If you’ll be at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, make sure to attend Iurii Milovanov’s session. As SoftServe’s head of AI and data science, he will be sharing actionable steps to kickstart your Gen AI journey.