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Optimize Salesforce for ROI

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Enterprises can struggle with fully optimizing all that Salesforce has to offer. Like any other complex system, Salesforce needs to be advanced and maintained on a regular basis. If a company had implemented Salesforce technology years ago, chances are that business processes would have already changed. To adapt to these ever-evolving changes, the system should be continuously optimized to increase value and decrease potential risks.

Do you feel like you are not getting all you need out of the Salesforce platform, but confused about where to start? You’re not alone. To address these needs, SoftServe’s Salesforce audit service helps review the current problems, identify root causes, and provide a complete solution to address them.


When to Perform the Salesforce Audit

The following red flags might signal it is high time to perform the Salesforce audit:

  • The unclear status of Salesforce solutions implementation
  • The implemented Salesforce solutions do not fit the current or planned business model
  • Errors in automation of the current business processes
  • Issues with the Salesforce UI/UX
  • Low performance of the implemented Salesforce solutions
  • Lack of visibility in Salesforce solutions implementation planning
  • Lack of clarity on whether security processes are in place to protect your company and customer data

The Salesforce audit is not just about analyzing technical components. It is also aimed at finding out how the business is utilizing the technology, what are the pains and gains the business gets out of implementing it. Furthermore, the inspection identifies what areas of Salesforce can be optimized to deliver a better return on your investment.

Customer Success Story

Let’s have a look at the case of our global commercial real estate client who requested the Salesforce audit. Being successful, our client was already benefiting from using the Salesforce platform, although it needed some improvements. We evaluated the current Salesforce configuration, security breaches, data quality, and system integrations. As a result, the following issues were identified:

  • Sales Cloud was configured inefficiently, leading to systematic data loss and decreasing customer acquisition
  • This client was paying for the support of Salesforce features and functionalities they did not use and were wasting extensive efforts to maintain a customized platform
  • Costly Salesforce-based CI/CD solution that was not following industry standards
  • The security model had multiple vulnerabilities and the access control required improvements

After completing both technical and functional parts of the Salesforce audit, the client received a final report with all functional and technical issues along with proposals on how to fix them and the initial cost estimates of these changes. For this specific client, we developed a series of recommendations to better leverage the Salesforce platform:

  • To increase the efficiency of the sales department, Sales Cloud required reconfiguration for the most effective sales process
  • Setting up new CI/CD with technologies already used by a customer, aligned with the proper industry standard CI/CD
  • Provided strategic advisory to optimize security controls aligned with the company's security compliance and regulatory policies

To increase the quality, speed, and win rate of the company’s sales department, SoftServe reconfigured Sales Cloud functionalities, bringing only relevant features that help create a well-structured sales process. Additionally, we enhanced the system security and reduced the cost of support and maintenance of the system.

Salesforce Audit Benefits

It never hurts to have an audit and learn what Salesforce adjustments can contribute to the customer acquisition and overall business growth. By leveraging the Salesforce audit, companies get:

  • Independent point of view by experienced consultants and engineers on implemented functional and technical sides of the Salesforce solutions
  • High speed within a limited timeframe focused on outcomes. After several days of the audit, you will receive “as-is” review, as well as advice on the next steps to follow
  • Business risk management. The audit will identify root causes for Salesforce issues and challenges that might appear soon that are likely to go unnoticed
  • Specific and measurable planning of next steps. A scope of work and estimates for fixing identified issues will be included in the report

SoftServe provides customers with the professional and independent Salesforce audit to identify key areas of improvement and provide best practice recommendations.

Let’s talk about your Salesforce optimization journey and how SoftServe can align your business needs with Salesforce’s capabilities.

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