by  Oleksandr Shatnyy

SoftServe Surpasses NPS Expectations in Q1

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The Net Promoter Score (NPS), since its introduction in 2003, has transformed the modern business world. This customer loyalty metric measures customer experience and is used as the key measure of customer’s overall perception of the brand.

We’re pleased to announce that for Q1 of 2017, our NPS at SoftServe was 67.2, with a response rate of 35.2%, surpassing industry benchmarks for the same quarter.

For Technology/Software/Hardware сompanies:


At SoftServe, our goal isn’t only to get a good score, our goal as a company is to create the premium customer experience for all of our clients. Our services are based on collabora tion and empathy, making sure that we’re creating the best solutions for your organization’s needs, as well as its personality. We care deeply what our clients think of us and the service quality that we provide.