by  SoftServe Team

Workplace an Essential Part of SoftServe’s Growth

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Digital innovation is rapidly changing both our day-to-day lives and the modern business landscape. At SoftServe, as we offer digital se rvices to our clients, we develop the same digital approach internally as well.

It’s not news that digital innovation creates enormous opportunities for new and improved business processes, as well as new products and services. But while focus may be more fixed on external business opportunities, it’s important to remember that digital innovation should be applied to internal processes and operations as well.

As a leading digital services company, SoftServe thrives in the fast-paced world of innovation and ideation. We are constantly on the lookout for efficient, collaborative, and engaging communication tools for our global employees.

Initially, email was one of the primary communication methods used at SoftServe but, to support our growth, we needed a tool that would satisfy both current and future communication requirements. The medium had to share our company’s mission, vision, and values. On top of that, it needed to ensure two-sided communication, have a familiar interface, and be compatible with any device.

Workplace Is an Essential Part of Our Company’s Growth

Facebook’s Workplace was an up-to-date, globally-recognized tool that aligned with SoftServe's current goals and satisfied our needs. Workplace was successfully introduced with the support of the Facebook team, who provided support from the early development stages and staff training all the way to launch and implementation.

Since its introduction, Workplace has made SoftServe's internal communication more organized and straightforward. Its multifaceted and user-friendly interface is capable of receiving quick feedback and emotional user engagement and has brought both employees and management closer together. They can now communicate, tell jokes, discuss news, and generate ideas simultaneously. Employees have a place for close and easy collaboration and teamwork, as well as a platform to share their interests and insights. The management team, in turn, can now announce news in an informal way and receive a prompt response.


To conclude, in a modern world, employees expect less office politics and more collaboration, transparency, and feedback—especially those who have grown up in the age of social media. Workplace has done just that for us at SoftServe. From our European and US headquarters in Lviv and Austin, to our other 28 offices around the world, we’re happy to have found a communication tool that internally reflects what we deliver for our clients.