Move from digital health to health in a digital world.

Healthcare IT’s Role in Patient Care and the Business of Medicine

Today’s healthcare providers are at the center of a profound transformation, driven by strides in technology, big data and scientific systems that are changing care delivery forever – and for the better. SoftServe is there with them, creating easier, more satisfying ways for consumers to interact with healthcare systems and for providers to take full advantage of the unprecedented technology at their disposal.

Digital Technology that Puts People First

In an era of increasingly personalized healthcare, SoftServe works with providers to develop effective, intuitive apps and wearables that promote better health for individuals. We help create new points of access for personalized care, including portals and mobile experiences. And we strive to empower and engage patients in their own care in highly personalized ways, using human-centered design.


Tailored frameworks for personalized care, built to meet the evolving needs of consumers and providers

Expert experience designers who deliver satisfying engagements through accessible yet innovative interfaces 

Satisfying personalized experiences start with innovative user interface and user experience design. SoftServe’s intuitive, effective user-centric designs encourage consumers to adopt digital applications and devices because they’re so easy and enjoyable to interact with. These personalized experiences help build consumers’ trust in the care they’re receiving and the people who provide it. 

Digital Expertise to Empower Providers

SoftServe offers deep expertise and experience in the latest digital technologies that can disrupt and dramatically transform healthcare and its potential to improve lives. We’re leading the way in bringing the Internet of Things to healthcare to create a new Internet of Humans that captures data from inside the body in unprecedented ways to enable better health outcomes.


Extensive knowledge of networks underlying the creation of a new Internet of Humans that captures critical health data


Specialists in data mining, deep learning and data analytics uncovering new data insights for better health

The healthcare environment is being flooded with more valuable data than ever before, from a wealth of sources – research studies, genetics, lab processes, even body-insertable devices. SoftServe’s experts help capture, understand and glean more insights from that data, using software intelligence and other advanced analytics tools.

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