Drive change in the marketplace by providing compelling, lasting, and innovative customer experiences.

deliver the best for your customers

SoftServe’s retail experts partner with our clients to transform the experience of their customers and consumers. We focus on the needs and wants of the customer, the goals of our client and leverage our industry expertise to create next-level digital experiences. SoftServe’s empathetic approach blended with cutting-edge technologies create unforgettable customer experiences that create scalable, memorable, engaging customer experiences.


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of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience

it costs

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as much to attract a new customer than keep an existing one


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of digital transformation projects delivered

comprehensive solutions for an omnichannel world

digital experience delivery

Deliver a digital experience that allows customers to interact with your entire ecosystem (online and offline) seamlessly and personally – on their own terms.

digital commerce advancement

Uplevel your digital commerce experience, including ecommerce, mobile web, mobile apps and social, through optimization, modernization, automation and personalization.

solution definition and selection review

Ease the solution selection process through a collaborative business requirement definition process, or a workshop including a feature/function review, weighted score card analysis and an in-depth technology gap analysis.

implementation & integration

Roll out a digital solution with reduced risk, assured timelines, proven functionality, and enterprise-wide interoperability.

omnichannel ecosystem enablement

Work with SoftServe’s team of global experience strategy experts to define and deliver a holistic customer journey map, enabling behavioral analytics across all channels, and provide insights and opportunities.

retail innovation

Partner with SoftServe’s team of retail and commerce experts to uplevel your digital ecosystem from front-end customer experience to imagining the impossible via innovation.

we love customers - ours and yours

It is no longer enough for retailers, brands, and organizations to offer competitive pricing, offerings, or discounts. Organizations must focus on the needs, wants and desires of their end consumers to win the relationship, and they must continue to foster the relationship following every purchase, outreach, or visit.

Recently, the focus on customer experience has taken center stage in retail – but the digital customer experience has taken the spotlight. Retailers, brands, travel organizations, and consumer goods companies must be able to provide customers with their elevator pitch within the first 6 seconds of a visit – otherwise, they risk losing them. Organizations must be prepared to act quickly and efficiently, and SoftServe is best positioned to partner along this journey, making the most of the time allotted. Our methodology, Think-Iterate-Deliver, starts with an empathetic, human centered approach – minimizing missed opportunities and requirements down the line. Our Iterate stage ensures that user feedback is factored in during rapid review cycles, mitigating unexpected changes after delivery. Our Deliver stage is what SoftServe is known for; delivering best-in-class technological solutions.

create more personalized experiences than ever before


validated performance

SoftServe offers highly regarded resources around the globe, including the best big data and data science team in Eastern Europe as validated by Cloudera. 


secure foundation

Security is a significant concern to consumers, and no organization wants to be at risk. SoftServe’s elite team of Certified Ethical Hackers leverage data analysis, stress testing, and many of the same tactics of modern criminals to identify weaknesses that organizations can’t afford to miss.


digital innovation delivery

SoftServe has delivered more than 3,500 projects over our 20+ years of core engineering expertise. We not only dream up new technology, we wake up every day and build it – and we have since our inception in 1993. SoftServe delivers digital innovation, daily.


value-based relationships

SoftServe believes in establishing long lasting relationships, and treating your business like our own. We strive to establish and foster meaningful relationships with your stakeholders, whether internal, external or both.


deep-industry expertise

We drive success by bringing an unique end-to-end understanding of enterprise solutions across a deep breadth of commerce and retail organizations.


personalized experiences|de-de=personalisierte erlebnisse

We drive greater customer LTV by personalizing the commerce and content experience for customers across their omnichannel ecosystem.

other industries

Discover other innovative industries that extend the boundaries of the digital ecosystem.