Compete in an increasingly customer-centric landscape.


Customer experience has always driven success in retailing, and that’s never been more true than it is today, with the rise of digital channels like online, mobile and social shopping. SoftServe delivers the technology and services today’s retailers and brands need to create the intensely personalized experiences customers demand – and to do it across more sales channels than ever before.

More Data to Create More Personalized Experiences

Digital technology is making it possible for retailers and brands to acquire massive amounts of data about customers and what they want and need. SoftServe brings extensive digital expertise to the challenge of not only collecting information about what customers are buying and how they’re buying it, but also predicting precisely what they’re going to want and when they’re going to want it.


Specialists in data mining, deep learning and data analytics generating predictive insights into what consumers want


A comprehensive suite of digital technology services and solutions to hone the retailer’s competitive edge

SoftServe provides digital technology innovations to help tap into information and insights that make it possible to understand and delight customers better than ever before. Our retail solutions support data collection and analytics from a variety of sources including internal systems, external sources such as social media and, increasingly, sensors and devices in the Internet of Things.

Comprehensive Solutions for an Omnichannel World

The complexity of omnichannel processes – including how different channels interact with multiple retail systems – creates unprecedented operational challenges in retail. SoftServe’s holistic approach to digital technology features integrated solutions ranging from legacy store management, merchandising and point-of-sale systems to ecommerce platforms that incorporate mobile and social capabilities.


A holistic, integrated approach to successfully managing online, mobile, social and in-store sales channels


Extensive knowledge of networks and systems supporting a complex ecosystem of brands, retailers and retail-centric ISVs

The future of retail is already here – and companies who understand that are in the best position to win the battle for consumer loyalty. SoftServe retail solutions can help in key areas such as digitally driven infrastructure modernization, robust mobility and new technologies like augmented reality and beacons for immersive customer experiences.

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