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We empower clients to turn their raw data into data-driven insights with Snowflake. By layering our sophisticated data capabilities and exceptional usability on top of Snowflake’s cloud-native platform, data becomes more shareable, consumable, and digestible.

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As a Snowflake Consulting Partner, SoftServe delivers superior service to clients who want to optimize data to drive powerful business outcomes.

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Our Services

  • Data Lake

    • Data consolidation
    • Data governance
    • Structured and semi-structured data
    • Access and secure management
  • Data Warehouse

    • Design data structure
    • Implementation of ELT processes 
    • Data quality
    • Data masking
    • CI/CD
    • Source control
  • Data Engineering

    • Data analysis
    • Data ingestion
    • Batch and streaming processing
    • Near real-time data flows
    • Orchestration and monitoring
    • Complex data transformation
    • Data quality processes
  • Performance

    • Cost optimization
    • Refactoring and streamlining code
    • Scaling
    • Implementation of best practices
    • Performance tests and diagnostics

Solving Industry Challenges

Solving Industry Challenges

SoftServe has decades of industry-specific experience and benchmark performance data that informs our advice and supports next steps. We understand the competitive landscape, customer usability trends, and the regulations or policies your product must follow. While we serve all types of industry challenges, we are particularly skilled in several key verticals:

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

    With over three decades of experience in the healthcare and life sciences industry, SoftServe is well-versed in handling secure and regulated data. Our track record includes implementing diverse software products and applications for payers, pharma, medtech, healthcare, and health tech companies.

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  • Banking and Financial Services

    With Snowflake's unique capabilities, SoftServe delivers a scalable, secure, and efficient platform for data management and analytics. This not only fosters collaboration but also ensures regulatory compliance, ultimately enhancing the overall agility of financial operations. 

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  • Retail

    Snowflake changes the landscape for retailers, overcoming the challenges posed by disparate systems and siloed data. A scalable, unified, and secure data platform empowers retail clients to enhance operational efficiency and unlock insights, driving innovation within their operations. 
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  • Manufacturing

    SoftServe maximizes Snowflake's capabilities, ensuring field services are equipped with advanced technology and analytics for superior customer service. Through our solutions, we establish a robust support structure that gathers real-time data on supply, inventory, production, and orders, seamlessly integrating this information into back-end and field service applications.

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  • Energy

    SoftServe develops data integration platforms, merging information from diverse sources to offer a holistic perspective on energy consumption, grid performance, and customer behavior. With Snowflake, companies improve data quality, refine decision-making, and unlock the potential of their data assets. 

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  • High Tech

    SoftServe, using an experience-focused approach, designs and delivers high-quality solutions for software companies that want affordable and scalable models. With Snowflake, we tackle data governance, talent acquisition, and cloud networking challenges. 

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Tangible Benefits

Securely store, manage, integrate, and analyze large amounts of data for: 

Consistent Data Consumption

Faster Insights

Improved Reporting and Decision-Making

Standardized Workflows and Processes

Optimized Infrastructure Costs

Secure and Scalable Data Storage

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