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Software companies strive to offer best-of-breed products to their clients while operating in a cost-effective and scalable model. From data governance to talent acquisition to cloud networking, software companies face unique challenges when keeping up with the competition.

When companies such as Cisco, Atlassian, and CSC were challenged to bring innovative solutions to their clients—they turned to SoftServe. Experience how technology leadership, speed, scale, transparency, and predictability can give you a critical advantage in bringing your products to market.

years of experience and global presence, with 12000+ employees in  office locations
engineers working for clients such as Google, IBM, and HP
repeat customers, with 84 NPS score


  • DevOps Transformation
  • Cloud
  • AI and ML
DevOps introduces a collaborative approach to development, combining agile thinking, automation, and advanced tools to help groups work cohesively. The result is a dramatically faster dev cycle that deploys changes incrementally.
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