Internet of Things

Create the next wave of digital innovation in connectivity.

Internet of Things

Over the next several years, the Internet of Things will revolutionize how businesses, governments, machines, and people interact with one another; in fact, the revolution has already begun. IoT technology lies at the crossroads of intelligence and connectivity, and the organizations that invest in IoT today are poised to become the digital leaders of tomorrow.

Automating Human-Machine Interaction

In its most basic form, IoT is the ability of our machines and computers to consult and communicate with each other without human involvement. By automating these interactions, we enable people to do more with less. Today, SoftServe’s IoT research focuses on identification and miniaturization, which will empower us to bring many of most theoretical IoT applications to life. 


IoT projects completed for Global Fortune 1000 organizations, including Panasonic Appliance Air-Conditioning Europe


End-to-end IoT expertise, including embedded systems, device management, networking, and times-series data analytics

Beyond wearables and other well-known consumer implications, IoT has already started unlocking incredible business benefits, including new sources of revenue, improved productivity, and operational cost savings, among others. SoftServe’s IoT experts are eager to help our clients take advantage of disruptive IoT innovation in a way that makes sense for them.

The Power of Augmented Intelligence

Any physical asset, equipment, or infrastructure can be made “smarter,” providing deeper insight simply by being connected to a larger, more intelligent ecosystem. Once connected, smart devices and applications can monitor, modify, support, and inform consumers, experts, professionals, and stakeholders. This intelligence will enable new products and services and introduce new disruptive business models.


Member of the invitation-only Microsoft Azure IoT Red Carpet Program


Active R&D team exploring bleeding-edge IoT technologies with projects like Barista

Whether you are taking your first steps on the IoT journey or you are already a major player in the IoT space, SoftServe has the expertise to support your goals. With experience bringing together a range of devices, humans, and data, our technical experts can streamline your IoT service and product design, create working prototypes, breathe new value into legacy systems, and help implement immersive IoT applications and services. 

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