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    Interactive Expo Experiences

    We create serious games for marketing, education, and research. Having solid experience in Unity and Unreal Engine, SoftServe has developed games as tools, demos, and customized solutions. Introducing the holographic medium is an astounding way of enhancing expo experiences.
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    Interactive Digital Signage

  • 03
    Mixed Reality (MR)

  • 04
    3D Data Synthesis


  • Innovation Consulting

    We empower our clients to identify the highest points of beneficial technological impact.
  • Feasibility Research

    We validate the initial hypothesis of a product lifecycle to empower reduced risks, more accurate budget and time estimates, and to avoid preventable issues during implementation.
  • Ad-hoc Demos

    It is far more powerful to show than to tell others about future technology. We bring your vision to life so you can better showcase it!
  • Technology Hackathon

    We empower accelerated progress and new opportunities for your business by collaboratively developing transformative solutions.
  • Lab Research

    Our experts provide tangible deliverables including: case studies, research papers or patents, experiment results, collected data, and proof of concept/technology for your solution.

R&D Solves Problems in…

  • Energy, Oil & Gas

    R&D fuels the energy sector by improving resource prediction using geo data analysis, geo education, 3D modelling and targeting, and predictive analytics.
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  • Healthcare

    R&D is transforming healthcare enterprises through patient-centricity, early and accurate diagnostics, virtual care, and much more.
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  • Financial Services

    In the competitive financial landscape, companies are discovering the power of R&D to enable personalized banking experiences through data-driven insights, enhanced fraud detection, and higher levels of security.
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  • Retail

    R&D empowers brands to exceed customer expectations, build repeat business, and grow fanbases by providing more effortless product searches to real-time personalized recommendations.
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  • 10Extended Reality

  • 11Research & Development

    R&D empowers companies to go beyond existing barriers to discover innovative and immediately beneficial solutions—saving time, money, and creating new opportunities.

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    • 13Accessibility

    • 14Quantum Computing

    • 15ESG and Sustainability Services