by  Bhavani Prasad

3 Tech Trends Driving the Future of Gaming

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In one way or another, digital transformation is causing significant changes across all industries.

But the gaming sector is uniquely innovative, rapidly embracing modern technologies to expand its audiences and create all-new experiences.

In fact, digital transformation is having such a drastic effect on gaming that by 2027, the online gaming industry is expected to grow by over 12%. The online gaming industry worldwide (casinos, sports betting, and lottery) is expected to grow by over 8.5% to $132 billion.

Technologies such as online and mobile gaming, live dealer gaming, the use of mixed reality and rapid testing, and prototyping of new products — to name just a few — will be the key drivers of that growth.

Since the start of the modern-day digital era, SoftServe has been helping our clients navigate change — from the dawn of the internet, through cloud, then social media, IoT, big data and AI/ML, and now Generative AI.

We foresee three key technology trends in the gaming and financial services industries — which share many similarities — to power new product innovations over the next few years:

Making Generative AI real in the enterprise

Tech Trends

Generative AI has barely been out of the news in the past few months, for good and bad reasons.

But what’s clear for gaming is that this promising new technology is poised to drive further growth and innovation across commercial and tribal gaming markets. While the potential is huge, success with Generative AI will need a tight grip on the reins.

The end-to-end lifecycle of developing and operationalizing solutions in a cost-effective, secure, and compliant manner will be a challenge for small and large enterprises. Areas for powerful innovation include — but are not limited to — creating an excellent customer experience, marketing content generation and cost optimization, developer productivity, and improving business and regulatory compliance processes across the enterprise.

Accelerating AI-powered game design and player experience

Future of Gaming

AI/ML technologies accelerate the game design and development process significantly, as well as enabling much deeper analysis of player preferences and behaviors.

This feedback fine-tunes game design mechanics, using the player profiling it creates to power recommendation engines. This leads to more engaging and enjoyable experiences for players.

AI-powered game design can also intelligently work with ethical and regulatory considerations, such as responsible gaming.

Embracing digital currencies and advances in payment solutions

3 Tech Trends

As blockchain, digital finance, and digital wallets are being progressively adopted into gaming jurisdictions, secure payment options for customers are greatly improving, while tightening risk management.

This sets up opportunities for real-time data, enhanced transparency, and automated regulatory compliance processes. Such areas include know your customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), and fraud detection.

Now is the time to innovate

Challenging economic times tend to have a chilling effect on consumer entertainment spending. The gaming sector’s willingness to experiment with innovations will give them the competitive edge to attract and expand consumer share of wallet. We’re living in exciting times for the gaming industry. The question is: How do you — as a casino operator — capitalize on innovations such as AI/ML for rapid product innovation, Generative AI, multi-cloud, and digital finance strategies?

The answer could be in finding a strategic technology partner to accelerate your digital journey, tapping into essential skillsets around cutting-edge technologies, and helping your gaming company to adopt and scale quickly.

With the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) fast approaching, the biggest brands and brightest minds in the gaming sector will be highlighting new innovations and offering guidance on how to grow and win.

If you plan to attend G2E, be sure to stop by Booth 5839. We’ll be discussing how to make Generative AI real in your business, along with a host of AI/ML and advanced R&D capabilities.

Be sure to hear Iurii Milovanov, SoftServe’s global data science and AI/ML leader, speak in the G2E Lab, where he’ll dive deeper into the latest developments in Generative AI.

We hope to see you in Vegas.