by  Jeremy Parsons

Breaking Out of the Old Brick-and-Mortar Retailing

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While the brick-and-mortar doomsday is overblown, the survival of brick-and-mortar businesses relies on challenging the status quo.

Implementing technology into storefronts is doing a world of good for retail businesses taking advantage of blending in-store with e-commerce.


Take a few of the following examples:

Enhancing experiences

Create an in-store enhanced experience to better connect with customers by using technological innovations like smart devices, sensors, and even augmented and virtual reality. For example, brands like Rebecca Minkoff, Ralph Lauren, and Neiman Marcus are using smart mirrors that allow customers to browse items, colors, deals, and more the same way they would online.

Connect with customers on devices

71% of consumers browse online to find deals and best prices. In fact, multiple studies have found that most consumers are on their phones in-store to cross-reference prices to get the best deal. Bridge the gap between an online experience and an in-store experience by providing consumers with the opportunity to get the best of both—on their own devices. For example, Nike recently launched an app exclusively for in-store users. The app recognizes customers that enter the store, providing them with recommendations within the store as well as the ability to check out on their device.

Think outside traditional structures

Since the public’s attention span is limited both online and in-store, many retail businesses are investing in ways to keep shopping experiences fresh. Retailer Story literally reinvents its store layout and inventory every four to eight weeks so that it can “tell a fresh story” to its customers. The concept has attracted interest and imitation from Timberland, Target, and other major retail chains, including Macy’s, which recently acquired Story.

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