by  Anton Arapetyan

Incentivizing Patients

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As healthcare shifts from a volume-based model to a value-based model, the patient is at the center of the process.

Since this model relies on the patient’s ability to manage his own health, unifying the experience as well as providing the tools and incentives for better care is imperative.

Specific tools can be supplied by the provider but, ultimately, care is in the hands of the patient.

Will he want to follow his medication regimen? Will he be able to schedule appointments without disrupti ng his life? Will he be willing to make lifestyle changes to better his health?

All of these questions are ultimately the responsibility of the patient.


Ironically, it can be difficult to convince a patient to take care of himself. But a unified healthcare ecosystem could make it that much easier to agree on incentives across the board.

So what are some of the projected incentives for patients?

  1. Discounts on insurance – Offering discounts based on health outcomes and compliance with a care plan.
  2. Medication compliance –Lower rates for patients that are more compliant with refilling prescriptions.
  3. Connecting a device to a network – Opting in to data collection network that can keep the patient on track and help monitor bio data both in real time and over time.
  4. Rewarding good attendance – Reward patients that regularly show up for appointments.

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