Innovation Management at Scale

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What is innovation in the context of enterprise and human resources? Is it about the process or culture? What should leaders know about innovation management to ensure their company lives up to its description?

Innovation now can no longer be siloed. It is a way to do business in the 21st century, creating a firm foundation for sustainable growth. Against a backdrop of growing global competition, rapidly evolving technology, and social changes, business leaders must embrace innovation's critical role in their organization's growth.

However, creating and delivering innovative ideas at speed is challenging to execute and sustain.

Focusing on innovation brings a vast array of benefits, including:

  • Collecting, discussing, scoring, and prioritizing ideas efficiently using a design thinking approach
  • Facilitating teamwork and employee engagement
  • Defining and implementing a new concept with minimal CapEx and maximum market adoption
  • Building a sustainable culture of innovation
  • Improving communication with prospects, customers, and partners
  • Evaluating goals with a complete audit trail
  • Shortening the time to create new value with higher success rates

It’s crucial to choose the right innovation approach, tool, or technology to align with the company’s culture and vision and fully integrate with the already-existing infrastructure.

SoftServe’s Innovation Platform is the solution that delivers a customized, connected, and granular experience from ideation to iteration to delivery.


No matter where you are in your journey, the Innovation Platform helps you get there. Combine structure and experience with our Innovation Platform Modules.

  • Ideate Module – a framework for managing out-of-the-box ideation. Create, collect, discuss, and prioritize ideas. Store and Share files. Invite internal and external partners and customers to create, discover, contribute, and problem-solve.
  • Iterate Module – systematically refine your ideas into market-validated concepts ready for implementation. Verify your concepts, assumptions, and market feasibility through an iterative process. Collect feedback, analyze results, and refine the idea from a singular point.
  • Deliver Module – accelerate the implementation and maintenance of your idea. Create a well-planned and executed implementation approach, driving outcomes and value for your business. Deliver the best customer experience with the highest quality solution in the most efficient way.

To find out more, read an interview by Taras Kholopkin, Director of SoftServe Innovation Platform, with Milan Lakhani, Director of Transformation and Partner, Environmental, Social, and Governance at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe.

Milan was formally the Head of Strategy and Business Development at Konica Minolta's Business Innovation Centre, Europe. Taras and Milan discuss the challenges and opportunities of scaling an innovative culture across the company.