by  Alexander Amelin

Optimal Digital Healthcare Outcomes Using Data

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An ever-expanding volume of patient data in healthcare is escalating the need for digital solutions—fast.

As the world relies more and more on technological advancements—and as they continue to increase cost optimization and grow revenue—the healthcare industry is making leaps and bounds to meet the needs of both patients and providers.

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The Power of Data in Healthcare

While healthcare organizations take steps to meet the needs of their users, sometimes one of the most important innovations is being able to collect and organize information.

Data is the next resource; it doubles in size every two years, thus healthcare companies need software solutions that can manage rapidly changing information structures. Put another way, to deliver effective healthcare services, companies need to understand data in a more context-specific and patient-oriented way.

Understanding the mountains of patient and provider data you have is a challenge for most healthcare managers today. So what can be done to leverage your data set(s) to drive revenue?

There are any number of applications and solutions for collecting data to strengthen processes and help patients. In order to create individual health profiles, gather patterns in population health, or create plans for patients to manage treatment, there are many ways to gather data.

Imagine a solution where you could integrate and c ollect body and biometric data from a variety of sources, where you could leverage an out-of-the-box SDK to share data securely, or a more lean and flexible consumer data collection through mobile and web applications.

Though digital innovation affects many different aspects of healthcare, SoftServe created the Human 360™ platform to address the five most common solution requests from our healthcare clients.

Addressing the Top Healthcare Data Issues

Human 360™ leverages web, mobile, IoT, and big data technologies to help healthcare companies build reliable and secure solutions that help increase consumer engagement and convert diverse, disconnected medical and consumer information into related insights.

These insights provide the foundation for outcomes-based models, and build long-term relationships between healthcare providers and consumers. The platform also boosts time-to-market by saving development resources, and are four times less expensive than creating a solution from scratch. It can also apply to whole ecosystem—ISVs, providers, payers, and life sciences—to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare market.

The platform is made up of reusable software components that can be integrated into any existing solutions and then customized to fit the organization’s needs. These components address the main challenges of data acquisition, secure & reliable sharing and storing, and processing and analytics.



A surv ey and form builder that allows for flexible consumer data collection through web and mobile applications


Wearables software development kit (SDK) and medical device integration to collect body data from a variety of different sources


  • EMPI - Enterprise Master Person Index; clean and integrated data via master data management
  • Direct+BlueButton Software Development Kit – Safe and secure way to share health information


Cost-effective way to anonymize personal data


Highly scalable and reliable data processing architecture

Learn more about how these aspects of the Human 360 platform address common healthcare IT issues, check out our white paper “Revenue-Driving Digital Solutions for Healthcare.”

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