by  Jess Vadino

Reachable Innovations for Retail

There are a myriad of innovations available to retailers today, with more emerging every day. Brands have no choice but to adapt at the speed of digital. But if augmented and virtual reality are out of reach, all is not lost.

Take a look at accessible innovations that rejuvenate business and easily reach customers without costing the annual budget:


Chatbots are AI-driven assistants that simulate human conversation. These bots eliminate forms and dropdown menus and deliver a shopping experience akin to a helpful in-store associate. Because chatbot responses are pre-defined, retailers benefit from more consistent customer service. Chatbots can also lower costs and improve ROI by delivering relevant in-store engagements, such as rapid response to questions, while customers are shopping.

Proximity Marketing

Unlike beacon advertisements that are indiscriminately sent to Bluetooth enabled devices, Bluetooth proximity communications has the ability to do for in-store shopping what Amazon has done onli ne. In-store proximity can deliver permission-based messaging for a customized shopping experience and improved wayfinding while working with apps and chatbots to deliver product location and information at the point of presence. Sensors and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity also deliver a more interconnected storefront, sending alerts when inventory is low or allowing customers to engage with products on shelves.


Gamification delivers typical game rewards within the nontraditional context of shopping to positively influence customer behavior and build brand loyalty. Rewards can include VIP promotions, discounts, free merchandise, or other prizes and these games can be held online or onsite. Additionally, gamification can be co-branded with retail partners to share costs while driving awareness and sales at targeted points in store, across locations, and across websites.

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