by  Alexander Amelin

Ready Solutions for Healthcare’s Common Issues

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There are any number of applications and solutions for collecting data to strengthen processes and help patients. There are many ways to gather data in order to create individual health profiles, patterns in population health, or plans for patients to manage treatment.

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Imagine a solution where you could integrate and collect body and biometric data from a variety of sources, where you could leverage an out-of-the-box SDK to share data securely, or a more lean and flexible consumer data collection through mobile and web applications.

Though digital innovation affects many different aspects of healthcare, SoftServe created the Human 360™ platform to address the five most common solution requests from our healthcare clients.

SoftServe’s Human 360™ platform leverages web, mobile, IoT, and big data technologies to help healthcare companies build reliable and secure solutions. These solutions help increase consumer engagement and convert diverse, disconnected medical and consumer information into related insights. Let’s take a look at what they include.



Healthcare organizations revolve around patient engagement. The best medical attention relies on having a full profile of the patient.

The Survey & Form Builder in the DataForm sector of Human 360 leverages web and mobile technology to streamline data collection, and embed builders and viewers into any part of your existing business processes.


Wearables allow you to track infinitesimal changes in your body. SoftServe’s Wearables Software Development Kit is a unified access point that connects a wide variety of wearables and application programming interfaces (APIs). It allows you to unlock the power of unlimited biometric and behavior data.


The healthcare market shift from fee-for-service to quality-of-service and preventive healthcare, requires the conversion of dissimilar, disconnected consumer information into related data that provides a basis for analytics and smart decisions.

The DataConnect aspect of Human 360 is made up of two parts: the EMPI (Enterprise Master Person Index) and the Direct & BlueButton Software Development Kit.Both parts combine to create a master hub that works within HIPAA and other US health regulations.


Considering how the U.S. healthcare industry is affected by regulations such as HIPAA, gathering patient data must be done carefully and responsibly. Real client data can’t be safely used in a development environment.

The DataMask component allows developers and researchers to scramble real data to reach realistic conclusions without compromising the identity and information of the patient.


Data is growing exponentially, with the digital universe doubling in size every two years. The DataProcess component is made up of Lambda Architecture, a highly scalable and reliable data processing architecture. It supports the majority of use cases: real-time analytics, data discovery, and business reports.

To learn more about the five components that make up our Human 360 platform address the most common IT problems in healthcare, check out our white paper, “Revenue-Driving Digital Solutions for Healthcare.”

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