by  Jerry Sanchez

Security and Compliance: Good, Better, Best

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Today, cybercriminals threaten to destroy the time-worn foundations of even the most recognized and respected companies via hacking, phishing, and vulnerability exploitation. How can you keep your business safe against the ever-present threat of cyberattacks?


While providing the appearance of a proper security posture, legacy systems and minimal compliance effort are easily brought down by cybercriminals. When companies refuse to recognize the inherent security (and agility) benefits of the cloud while dodging compliance, the enemy meets with little resistance.


For all intents and purposes, companies that have migrated and dutifully checked compliance boxes should be secure, right? Not so fast. AWS, Google, and Microsoft platforms are outstanding foundations, but if the architecture isn’t built to code, it will often fall when it is inevitably tested—and compliance does not equate to security.


Solutions must secure against attacks and a re compliance-ready—both proactively in development, and retroactively with legacy systems. The best security efforts should include:


At SoftServe, we’re in the business of empowering our clients to build ironclad solutions. We offer all of the security services listed above and then some.

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