by  SoftServe Team

SoftServe has Opened its Doors to a New Client-Focused US Headquarters

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To accommodate our incredible growth, SoftServe has relocated our North American headquarters in Austin, Texas to the new 5th + Colorado building downtown. Similar to the layout at our European headquarters in Lviv, Ukraine, the new workplace has an open atmosphere, encouraging collaboration and unity.

Flexible Work Space for Global Staff

The key purpose of SoftServe’s office space is to create an open, welcoming space that also allows for private conversation. Spanning to more than 5,000 square feet, the office features twenty individual work stations, conference and huddle rooms, a lounge area, and an open-concept kitchen.

Our new headquarters also features a modern aesthetic with exposed ductwork and a custom mural by local graffiti artist Mike “The Truth” Johnston.

New Client Experience Center

The office was designed from scratch to accomodate an industry-leading customer experience center (CXC), for hosting workshops and networking events with experts, clients, and technology partners such as Google, Cloudera , and many others.

From sales meetings and design thinking workshops to training with local technology partners, the CXC gives SoftServe experts and their guests a comfortable work space to tackle complex business challenges. Experience design workshops will provide a framework for collaboration between designers, digital experts, and organizational leaders. Sales meetings will include demonstrations of SoftServe’s research and development projects as well as case study presentations, illustrating how clients from different industries and various parts of the world are leveraging SoftServe’s expertise. In short, it should allow to address similar obstacles in the past and explore each client’s unique circumstances on the way to meeting their objectives.

The new headquarters will help accommodate the more than 50 employees based in Texas, as well as others visiting from locations throughout the globe, while providing an open, collaborative space for our clients.