by  Lyubomyr Humetskyy

Studies in Deep Technical Competence

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One of the most important driving factors in creating a successful solution is deep technical expertise. Without hard skills that enable software engineers to create your solution, you simply cannot have a tailor-made software that fits your needs.

At SoftServe, Talent, Technology Leadership, and Trust drive our project success. See how:

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Talent in Action

The popular workplace collaboration tool Hipchat wanted to enable integration with Amazon’s Alexa for queries and voice commands. SoftServe’s creative solution was VoiceMyBot which enables voice notifications from any app in the HipChat Marketplace. HipChat users can configure VoiceMyBot to announce updates and notifications, request information on-demand, automate routine work, message coworkers, and carry out voice commands using cloud technology.


Steve Goldsmith, General Manager at Hipchat, explained a typical use case might be several people meeting or having a conversation who want to refer to data without getting side-tracked and submerged into another screen to do so.

Technology Leadership in Action

Commercial trucking company Overhaul turned to SoftServe for a solution that would not only monitor driver risk factors such as theft, fatigue, and poor health, but also serve as security authentication. “Safety and security are a top priority for Overhaul and our clients who are moving high-value cargo” says Barry Conlon, CEO of Overhaul Group.

Our team devised BioLock, the world’s first software solution that uses electrocardiogram (ECG) to continuously monitor driver health and identity.

Our team realized that existing driver authentication methods such as passwords, security cards, and fingerprint recognition were not providing the level of security Overhaul needed. These methods were also often challenging for drivers to manage. BioLock solves this by combining ease of operator use with an authentication process via ECG that is almost impossible to fake or duplicate.

Trust in Action

During our long-term relationship with a globally-recognized, strategic management consultant, we delivered numerous projects to enable them to be faster, more insightful, and more efficient. Ultimately, they trust us with their software development challenges to help them retain their dominant market position.

From a product recommendation system for consultants, through to a product pricing matching solution devised for their retail clients, we have built up a strong knowledge of their business to provide the most effective and efficient software solutions. And as a client with global recognition, and extremely high-profile, exacting standards, we are delighted that they continue to trust their software development projects to SoftServe.

To learn more about the processes behind these case studies, check out our white paper, “Three Components for Software Development Excellence.”

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