Values and Reliability: Why Culture Matters When Choosing a Technology Partner

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From basic app maintenance or long-term R&D projects — dependability is key in technology projects. Your partner’s values determine whether you get the reliability you need

Unless you have the luxury of an extensive in-house IT department, the success of your technology projects probably hinges on the reliability of your technology partner. Uncertainty can wreak havoc on essential operations, derailing objectives, and causing unforeseen costs. When selecting a technology partner, reliability must be a primary consideration — and that reliability is often rooted in the partner's core company values.

In our 30-year history, SoftServe has consistently doubled down on our values. It’s why our partners trust us. It’s also why we were named NVIDIA’s 2024 Consulting Partner of the Year for the EMEA region, and the 2024 Google Cloud Talent Development Partner of the Year for EMEA.

Read on as we explore how unreliable technology partners can undermine your projects and why values play a crucial role in ensuring your technology partner is steadfast and reliable.

The Consequences of Unreliable Technology Partners

1. Maintenance Gaps and Knowledge Loss

Maintenance Gaps and Knowledge Loss

Dependability is crucial even in comparatively straightforward IT operations. If your supplier goes out of business or decides to cut part of their operations, who will maintain your applications? You might find yourself scrambling for alternative solutions, facing downtime, or, in the worst-case scenario, permanently losing critical business process knowledge.

2. Halting R&D Projects

Halting Research and Development Projects

An unreliable partner may try to save money by cutting R&D support, leaving your potential opportunities hanging. R&D projects already carry risks. Pulling the rug out from underneath them means your company might miss out on the best solutions, impeding your competitive edge.

3. Technological Scale and Engineering Capacities

Technological Scale and Engineering Capacities

Planning engineering team sizes and capacities becomes a risky endeavor with an unreliable partner. If your partner's future is uncertain, so is your ability to scale your technological capabilities effectively, hampering your growth and delaying time-sensitive projects.

Avoiding these challenges hinges on a crucial decision: What should you look for in a technology partner to ensure reliability and success? How can you guarantee that your chosen partner will stay committed to supporting your maintenance needs, R&D projects, and scaling capabilities?

The answer lies in finding a partner that embraces values fostering steadfast support and unwavering reliability.

SoftServe’s Values: Reliability, Curiosity, and Engagement

At SoftServe, we embed our values into every project, ensuring that our clients can rely on us for their entire project.

SoftServe Values: Trust

We cultivate an environment where trust thrives through honesty, transparency, and mutual respect. Any changes to projects are communicated early on, ensuring continuity and reducing uncertainty.

SoftServe Values: Teamwork

Our collaborative approach integrates our teams with those of our clients, creating a seamless flow of knowledge and expertise. This strong relationship builds a sense of belonging and shared goals, promoting a reliable and cohesive working environment.

SoftServe Values: Growth

We nurture growth, learning, and curiosity within our teams. Employees with opportunities for personal and professional growth consistently deliver better results. This stability translates to reliable project execution for our clients.

SoftServe Values: Innovation

SoftServe embraces experimentation and innovation, ensuring that our solutions are always state-of-the-art. Our willingness to share our innovations means our clients are never a step behind, reinforcing their competitive advantage.

SoftServe Values: Willingness to Help

Willingness to Help
As community builders, our willingness to help is at the heart of what we do. This ethos ensures that we go beyond contractual obligations to support our clients in meaningful ways, solidifying our reliability.

SoftServe Values: Exceed Expectations

Exceed Expectations
We measure our success by exceeding expectations. By consistently going the extra mile, we ensure that our clients receive not just what they asked for but more, fostering long-term relationships built on trust and reliability.

Values — the Cornerstone of Reliability

At SoftServe, our mission is to enable talented people to change the world. Our values are not just words on a page but principles we live by. They guide our actions and decisions, ensuring that we remain a steadfast partner for our clients. It’s why we have an industry-leading NPS score of 84.

Uncertainty can derail even the most meticulously planned projects, and the world is already full of uncertainty — you don’t need it from your technology partner. When you choose a technology partner anchored by strong, genuine values, you choose reliability, stability, and future success.

Let's talk about how our dedicated, value-driven approach can help your business thrive in the face of uncertainty.