By Nadiya Trub, Volodymyr Dovhanyk, Yuliya YurchyshynDec 15, 2016
Business AnalysisSoftware Development

Scope Creep: When Development Projects Don’t Go as Planned

According to PMI, 44% of projects in 2015 suffered from scope creep. Learn how to avoid it in SoftServe's new blog.

Dec 05, 2016
Financial ServicesSecurity

Seven Security Strategies for FinTech

Read on for a unique set of security concerns financial services, banking, and fintech industries are facing.

By R&D TeamDec 01, 2016

Meet BioLock: Smart Biometrics for Tomorrow

ECG-based smart system for continuous authentication and monitoring of human well-being.

By Halyna Semenova, Pavlo VedilinNov 08, 2016
Innovation Platform

When It’s Time to “Go Digital"

Get ready to embrace digital transformation and evolve into a digital enterprise keeping up with an inevitable business shift.

By Michael VerlanovNov 01, 2016
Cloud & DevOpsR&D

Perks of ChatOps: VoiceMyBot!

VoiceMyBot is an innovative chatbot with a voice interface enabling access to all Atlassian HipChat Marketplace listings from a single place without actual code integrations.

By Oleksandr BerchenkoOct 29, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

How to Process Slowly Changing Dimensions in Hive

How to handle Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) in a data warehouse with Hive database.

By Taras HnotOct 25, 2016
Data & Analytics

Recommender Systems Comparison: The Best Performing Algorithm

How to use packages for building recommender systems in R: recommenderlab, recosystem, SlopeOne and SVDApproximation.

By Taras BachynskyyOct 12, 2016
Data & Analytics

Big Data Warehousing with Elasticsearch

Here's how to address Big Data warehousing with Elasticsea rch.

By Andrii PastushokSep 12, 2016
Software Development

Product Development Services 2.0: Startup Success for Venture Capitalists

Why Product Development Services 2.0 may be venture capitalists' panacea ensuring startups' success.

By Oleksandr BerchenkoAug 10, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Cassandra + Spark SQL Performance (including DSE 5.0)

This post focuses on quick and dirty performance comparison of different Cassandra + Spark options.