By Alexander AmelinApr 15, 2016

Interoperability in Healthcare and Related Standards

How timely adoption of interoperability and related standards will help healthcare.

By SoftServe TeamMar 30, 2016
Cloud & DevOps

Unlocking AWS Potential: Case Study

How migrating to the AWS Cloud might help your application achieve its business and technical goals.

By Eugene BorukhovichMar 03, 2016

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare: What Does the Future Hold?

Can artificial intelligence and machine learning act as an enabler for changes in medicine and healthcare?

By Taras Hnot, Tetiana Gladkikh, Volodymyr SolskyyFeb 11, 2016
Data & Analytics

Anomaly Detection – Unsupervised Approach

From data mining to intrusion detection: how anomaly helps to identify informational security risk.

By Valentyn KropovFeb 03, 2016
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

Configuring Kerberos for Cloudera’s Hadoop Distribution (CDH)

Here's a step by step guideline to configure Kerberos in Cloudera’s Hadoop Distribution (CDH).

By Eugene BorukhovichJan 19, 2016

Where is the Future of Healthcare ISVs?

EHR, data, mobile: what are the next big healthcare trends ISVs should explor e and invest in?

By Andriy BenchNov 10, 2015

Easy Ride: Prototyping Biosensors with Arduino

Learn how to build a chip solution and make a feasible biosensor prototype with the Arduino open source platform.

By Dmytro Svarytsevych, Igor Kochetov, Yulia KryvalSep 29, 2015
Experience Design

Need for UX Most Wanted: What Tesla Drivers Were Looking For

Here's how data, Tesla drivers and UX research may speed up innovation in automotive.

By Ostap ElyashevskyyAug 19, 2015
Quality ManagementSoftware Development

Automated Performance Testing of Desktop Applications

Here’s a detailed guideline to testing the performance of Windows desktop applications.

By Olesya KrystynyakJun 30, 2015
Experience DesignHealthcare

Patient First: Communication Flow in Healthcare

Learn how patient centered communication flow contributes to making healthcare more professional and collaborative.