Our clients talk about their experience of working with SoftServe.

SoftServe Customer Testimonials

Because we form close collaborative relationships with our clients we really understand their needs and have delivered intuitive software that exceeds expectations and outstanding experiences to hundreds of clients.

  • Alexander Bibighaus
    Director of Engineering, Cloudera

    "I think the support that SoftServe offered me was probably the most beneficial thing for my achieving the goals that I had. Outsourcing, in general, is different with SoftServe."

  • Graydon Foreman
    Vice President & Chief Software Engineer, Strata Decision Technology

    "There are a lot of positives as far as the strength of the team, the management and the level of communication, the type of communication I get especially from the management team... I think you don't expect that you're gonna have this level of talent, it's very impressive."

  • Karl Radmall
    Strategic Services Manager, Henry Schein

    "SoftServe has given us some abilities to respond to our customers in ways that we couldn’t do by ourselves. It’s been very pleasant to work with them. They have great skills, great talent...SoftServe is an ongoing strategy for our company."

  • Calvin Martin
    Manager of Product Development, BMC Software

    "I’ve been working with SoftServe for over five years. I’ve had a lot of good success with bringing on new people, and it’s very good to have junior people actually trained on the product even before they start on the project."

  • Markus Sch√ľnemann
    Chief Technology Officer, Amorelie

    "My experience with SoftServe has been very good. We get a lot of flexible possibilities, which we can go for at any time, I mean development, BI or strategic advice... We integrated all developers into our complete processes, stand-ups, meetings. That is why we see SoftServe not as a service provider, but as a part of the team."

  • Craig Badcock
    VP of Product Development, MEDHOST

    "Working with SoftServe is not just a one stop, one avenue to solve the problem – small, medium, large projects. We began the initiative with software developers, engineers to quality assurance, we very quickly moved into automation across the platform to engagement on security services, even to the point now where we are looking at mobile development."

  • Martin Novak
    Program Manager, SolarWinds

    "You can really see the software management behind - you know that they are there and they are watching over the quality and managing the people but it's not disrupting. SoftServe helps us stay ahead of our schedules. After my amazing experience with SoftServe I can only recommend it to anyone else who would be looking for a vendor."

  • Chris Hellewell
    EVP of Engineering, Spillman Technologies

    "I've had a great experience working with SoftServe. They are a core part of our engineering division and a part of our software development processes and we really couldn't be successful without them now, we rely heavily on them and their expertise and different fields from architects to UX/UI designers as well as developers and test automation."

  • Tanya Golubeva &
    Chad Dahlgren
    Director of Engineering, Technical Lead, Pluralsight

    "We've gotten speed and quality at the same time, when usually you have to compromise. There is so much thought that goes into developing people here. SoftServe truly cares about the level of expertise that developers have, and how SoftServe was able to serve us as a client."

  • Stephen Tolman
    VP of Technology / CIO, Deseret Digital Media

    "We have been working with SoftServe for about 3 years. I would say for sure they are our strategic partner because they help us to focus on the most important things that we should do as an organization and not waste time on the things we shouldn`t do."

  • Brooks Hamilton - I
    Senior Director for Professional Services at Zilliant

    "Our experience of working with SoftServe has been very positive. We`ve really achieved the benefits that we were looking for in terms of finding a true partner to go about extending our team and doing it in a very cost effective and high quality way."

  • Arman Samani
    Chief Technology Officer, AdvancedMD

    "We have had great partnership and trust and transparency with SoftServe. I have used SoftServe advice in many different areas - Big Data, security, software development, quality assurance and it's great to be able to have a partner that you can count on to get advice at different times..."